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Spirent TestCenter Platforms

Spirent offers a complete solution from 400Bps down to 10Mbps in a single platform that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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Dispel myths around test automation solutions

-Test automation is hard
-Rolling out a new solution is expensive
-Means more work on top of testing

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Ready? Get. Set. Virtualize!

Virtualized regression means the Device Under Test (DUT) and test tools are either VMs or containers that run on commodity servers with little to no...

Tags: Virtualization, VNF

Testing for Economic Impact: Using Quality of Experience

When we're testing for provisioning scale for a device under test candidate, what is the meaningful metric to measure? Traditional metrics such as...

Tags: QoE, Quality of Experience, Security Testing
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Spirent Federal Technical Exchange

Frederick, MD

Spirent Federal Technical Exchange

Frederick, MD

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