GPS Resources


Civilian Testing

GPS WAAS Performance Standard - October 2008

Updated GPS SPS Performance Standard - September 2008

L1C - Tom Stansell, Aerospace Consultant, GPS Wing

L5 - GPS L2/L5 Industry Day

WAAS - GPS Lab at Stanford University

EGNOS - The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service

SBAS - The GALILEO Information Center

LAAS - GPS Lab at Stanford University

Military Testing

Most Evil Waveform - Avionics Magazine, September 1999

JPALS - GPS Lab at Stanford University

MEMS and Platform Orientation & Deep Integration of GNSS/Inertial Systems - Inside GNSS

Other Links

Download a GPS Almanac

Institute of Navigation (ION)

GPS World Magazine

Inside GNSS Magazine

Navtech Seminars and GPS Supply

Space Weather

Galileo Information Center

Russian Federal Space Agency

Russian Space Agency - Information Analytical Center

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