Mission Critical Testing Assurance

To continue to support efforts of the DoD, UCR 2008, Abacus supports Assured Services SIP, (AS-SIP), up to 256 bit master key along with IP based Multilevel Precedence and Preemption, (MLPP) end point testing.

What are the Key Deployment Issues for Voice/VoIP?

The issues surrounding migration to VoIP are both technical and commercial. Users desire perfect response and added value at no cost. Customer expectations surrounding circumstances such as making emergency calls during a power outage require VoIP networks to deliver the same quality as a carrier class network.

Spirent Solves Your Critical Test Challenges.

Spirent tests scalability, performance, interoperability, and voice quality prior to deployment by providing VoIP conformance, functional, and performance testing. Our advanced VoIP performance testing capabilities eliminate the need for multiple test tools. These tests extend to the infrastructure of Power over Ethernet (PoE) required for support of emergency services.

Spirent enables agencies to test the migration from legacy to converged network equipment-including the Triple Play of voice, video and data that go beyond VoIP to a true test of IP Telephony.

Why Test with Spirent?
Spirent helps government agencies accurately generate mixed traffic loads for interoperability testing

   Spirent helps government agencies accurately
   generate mixed traffic loads for interoperability

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