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07/02/2014 - Spirent Agrees to Acquire Radvision's Technology Business Unit

06/18/2014 - Spirent First to Show 400G Ethernet Test Solution

06/16/2014 - Spirent Avalanche Virtual Helps NTT Communications Deliver Reliable and Secure Cloud Services to Enterprise Customers

06/04/2012 - Spirent Tests HP Enterprise Routers

06/04/2012 - EVE and Spirent to Integrate ZeBu SoC Emulation System

05/16/2012 - Spotlight on data center testing from professional services

05/16/2012 - Burnin’ rubber with v6 under your bonnet

01/26/2012 - Industry's First Independent Data Performance Benchmark Test of Commercial LTE Chipsets

Ongoing - Seminar: IPv6 and Implementations

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