Integration & Verification Testing

Ensure Repeatability With GPS Integration Testing

How do you ensure flexibility, controllability and repeatability within a Systems Development test environment?

Integration and Verification testing presents the system developer with a range of test challenges. Exploring the performance envelope of a design requires flexible control of a wide range of parameters. Comparative testing used during regression testing or vendor evaluation requires the ability to exactly repeat a predetermined set of test conditions.

A constellation simulator provides levels of control and repeatability that can never be achieved using live-sky testing. A wide variety of parameters can be readily altered simulating control, space or user segment variables. Factors such as vehicle motion, satellite obscuration, atmospheric propagation, orbital constants and the navigation message are all under real-time user control making what-if trials easy when using a simulator.

User actions are recorded for subsequent playback making exact repetition of a test scenario a simple affair. Many receivers can be subjected to identical tests in the lab at the convenience of the user. Tests can be exactly repeated after a pause of weeks or months to confirm that development work has successfully addressed issues without affecting legacy performance.

Why Test with Spirent?
  • Spirent simulators are available in a wide range of configurations to suit different customer needs
  • GPS, GNSS, SBAS simulators available covering L1, L2, L5, E5 and E6 frequencies
  • Wide product range to support research and development, verification, integration and manufacturing test of GNSS technology
  • Fully flexible control software running in real-time offers control over all test conditions
Supports any combination of GPS/SBAS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo L1 and BeiDou-2 signals and provides accurate, repeatable combined multi-GNSS signals.

The market's leading record and playback system, from the experts in GNSS Testing.

Provides a signal channel of GPS/SBAS, GLONASS, BeiDou-2 and/or Galileo L1 signals for production testing on commercial GNSS receivers.

Spirent offers navigation test solutions for system integration labs so flight testing is minimized

   Spirent offers navigation test solutions for system
   integration labs so flight testing is minimized

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