Ensure Consistent Signal Testing With the GSS6300M

"A Multi-GNSS Signal Generator for high volume production testing."

The GSS6300M is the ideal entry-level multi-channel GNSS simulator for busy receiver integrators, application developers, aftercare and production testing environments. Its 4 or 8 channels of operation can simulate L1/E1 signals from GPS/SBAS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo to test the fundamental positioning capabilities of any GNSS device.
Up to 36 channels are supported with 4/8 channels of simulation per constellation. Signals from individual or multiple constellation signals can be simulated for example:
  • GPS only
  • GPS\SBAS\QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo
Controlled, Repeatable Tests
As GNSS positioning devices become more sophisticated and receivers more sensitive, accurate testing at the integration and production stages is essential. Testing with live-sky signals can never provide the control and repeatability required to properly assess device performance in a range of conditions, which means problems may be missed until the device is in use by the end-customer.
Easy, Accurate Testing
The GSS6300M is a "one-box" solution with everything required to start testing immediately and can be easily controlled from a tablet or smartphone, or via remote commands across multiple interfaces including USB, IEEE-488 or Ethernet.

The GSS6300M offers all of the flexibility, ease-of-use and reliability you expect from Spirent, including continuous run mode for efficient high-volume production testing SimCHAN software, supplied with the GSS6300M, enables real-time user control, allowing you to create your own scenarios and modify parameters such as user position, date and time.

SimCHAN software enhancement pack can be purchased to benefit from added functionality, allowing user to create custom trajectories using Google maps or select from pre-configured trajectories. Realistic antenna pattern, multipath and environmental (tropospheric, ionosphere) effects can also be enabled amongst other features.

For more advanced requirements, including comprehensive performance testing during R&D, we recommend the Spirent GSS6700 multi-channel simulator equipped with SimGENâ„¢ software.
The GSS6300 Multi-GNSS Signal Generator is designed for high volume production testing

   The GSS6300M Multi-GNSS Signal Generator is
   designed for high volume production testing

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