RTCM Test Scenarios

RTCM Standard 11010.2 Test Scenarios for 406MHz Emergency Beacons

The RTCM 11010.2 Test Scenarios Set Version 1-00 is provided free of charge by Spirent for use as directed by RTCM standard 11010.2.

Using the scenarios

There are two sets of scenarios. One set for Land PLB tests and one set for Marine EPIRB tests. For each test there are three scenario files. One for running on Spirent SimGEN-controlled GPS simulators, one for running on Spirent's STR4500 SimPLEX-controlled GPS simulator and one for running on Spirent's SimREPLAY-controlled GPS simulators.

The scenarios for use on SimGEN systems are in folders named either LANDPLB_TEST_n_V1-00 or EPIRB_TEST_n_V1-00 where n = the test number which relates to the test number in Annex G of the standard.

Included within these folders are the SimPLEX scenario versions for use on the STR4500 simulator. They are in folders named SimPLEX_LANDPLB_TEST_n_V1-00 and SimPLEX_EPIRB_TEST_12_V1-00 respectively.

The scenarios for use on SimREPLAY systems are in folders named LANDPLB_TEST_n_R_V1-00 or EPIRB_TEST_n_R_V1-00 where n = the test number.

To install the scenarios, download and un-zip the files and put them on the simulator host controller PC in the c:\program files\spirent communications\positioning application\scenarios folder. Each test can then be loaded from the SimXXX application using File -> open and browsing to the required file. Please refer to the Spirent User Manual for your particular simulator system more information.

To access RTCM standard scenario files

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