Network Performance Test Technology

Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics
HyperMetrics is a Layer 2-7 test solution that leverages its multi-core architecture to offer cost effective, high-port density modules with flexibility, high functionality and realism.

Spirent TestCenter: HyperMetrics AP Module
HyperMetrics Application Performance Module enables triple play testing, security testing, vulnerability assessment, network device testing and line-rate web application testing. Test tomorrow's networks using leading-edge multi-core processing to allocate CPU resources on demand.

Spirent TestCenter: HyperMetrics CM Module
HyperMetrics Converged Multiplay Modules are 4- and 12-port GigE test modules that support line rate Layer 2-3 test traffic and Layer 4-7 traffic over 10/100/1000 Mbps Copper or Gigabit Ethernet SFP interfaces.

Spirent TestCenter: HyperMetrics CV Module
HyperMetrics Converged Modules are 2- and 8-port 10GbE test modules that combine Spirent TestCenter's network emulation and application traffic with its industry-leading Layer 2-3 traffic generation and analysis.

Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics FC
Explore end-to-end Fibre Channel storage testing in a Layer 2-7 environment with full PFC (Priority Flow Control). In conjunction with Spirent HyperMetrics 10 GbE Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) test module, the Fibre Channel solution delivers the industry's first layer 2-7 converged data center performance benchmarking test system.

Spirent TestCenter: HyperMetrics 40/100G Ethernet Module
Highest scale, highest performance Layer 1-7 test system for 40/100G Ethernet testing. This module leverages Spirent's HyperMetrics multi-core processor by validating performance, scalability and realism.

Spirent Multiplay
Spirent's multiplay solutions offer comprehensive coverage for emulating Voice, Video, Data and Mobile devices to validate functionality and benchmark performance of multiplay networks.

Spirent TestCenter for Broadband Infrastructure
Spirent TestCenter for Broadband Infrastructure emulates an end-to-end converged network for realistic testing of multiplay services and protocols.

Spirent TestCenter for Conformance Testing
Spirent TestCenter Conformance Testing Application resolves the conflict between complexity and efficiency, providing a strategic tool for increased test efficiency and reduced support costs by validating protocol implementations.

Spirent TestCenter for Enterprise & Data Center Networks
Tests multiple 1GbE and 10GbE ports for the performance you require, while delivering high speed, low latency and lossless Ethernet in the data center to transport Fibre Channel over Ethernet.

Spirent TestCenter for Enterprise Routers & Switches
Emulates an end-to-end converged network for realistic testing of multi-play services and control & data plane protocols over MPLS networks. Also enhances test realism by scaling the number of ports, subscribers, sessions, routes, tunnels, VLANs and stateful multi-play traffic on demand.

Spirent TestCenter for Service Provider Routers & Switches
Scales ports, subscribers, sessions, VPN instances, routes, tunnels, VLANs and stateful multi-play traffic on demand, while offering complete coverage for all major IPV4 and IPv6 routing, MPLS and Carrier Ethernet protocols and services.

Spirent TestCenter Virtual
For virtual server testing, the Spirent TestCenter software module resides on a virtual machine, and provides unsurpassed visibility into the entire data center infrastructure. It extends and complements the capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to accurately benchmark and optimize performance of virtual server switches and cloud-based virtualization.

   Spirent TestCenter™ is the choice for
   government agencies, network equipment
   manufacturers and large enterprises leading the
   next wave of integrated technologies focused
   on delivering any application over any network

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