Infrastructure Test Optimization (ITO)

Practice Areas

Practice areas are at the core of ITO. Along with guidance through expert services, they help build a complete, cohesive and collaborative platform to enable optimization of infrastructure testing.

As shown in the diagram, ITO encompasses five primary practice areas: Emulation and analysis, test automation, manual & developer testing, quality management and lifecycle virtualization. The practice areas collaborate through common, shareable and reusable test assets. Collaborative effort through improved communication between and across practice areas is supported and encouraged. Finally, practice areas may also be complemented by professional and expert services. Together, these elements of ITO enable an organization to test their infrastructures in a holistic and integrated manner and, in the end, help drive business value and innovation.

Emulation & Analysis

Reproducing real-world networks and/or actively simulating real users on the network to ensure infrastructures meet design requirements including: Verification of conformance to networking standards, meeting performance of functional requirements, and measuring performance under load at scale.

Test Automation

Using tools to establish test pre-conditions, efficiently developing and executing tests, providing in depth reporting, comparing actual versus predicted test outcomes, providing in depth reporting, and handling lights-out regression testing.

Manual & Developer Testing

Testing of the software by developers to verify functionality of new capabilities. Includes manual testing and also establishes documentation as a pre-cursor to QA testing.

Quality Management

Using tools to link business requirements to test cases, efficiently managing previously specified tests and resources, and tracking defects. Assets under management may include requirements, physical/virtual/lab resources, reports, metrics and defects.

Lifecycle Virtualization

Providing on-demand access to critical resources needed for testing such as: Environments, servers, devices, databases, defects etc.

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