New Test Cases Receiver Developers


Recent GPS and Galileo issues provide new test cases for receiver developers

Older iPhones and iPads are among the latest devices to experience a GNSS issue. Tech websites including The Verge and The Next Web warned users to upgrade to iOS 10.3.4 or higher before 3rd November, or risk seeing a host of functions fail: from GPS to email, App Store access and 4G/Wi-Fi connectivity. The culprit […]

Will Thornton | Mar 2020

GNSS Receiver Standards


As new GNSS receiver standards emerge, developers face new test challenges

As new GNSS receiver standards emerge, developers face new test challenges Despite the widespread use of GNSS systems in all industries, it is a technology area where some applications remain loosely regulated. Today, GNSS receiver manufacturers and integrators are only affected by a handful of standards – and often only when designing solutions for very […]

Stuart Smith | Sep 2019

Irresponsible GPS Use


Irresponsible GPS use puts vital services at risk – DHS

Operators of critical infrastructure must start taking a more responsible attitude to the GPS receivers in their systems, according to a new presentation from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Published in December by the Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute (HSSEDI), Responsible Use of GPS for Critical Infrastructure paints a picture of a world […]

Guy Buesnel | Feb 2018

Week Rollover Problem


The GPS Week Number Rollover problem

If your vehicles or equipment rely on GPS receivers, now is the time to check if they’re affected by the GPS Week Number Rollover issue. If they are, you may find your receivers start to behave strangely on – or more likely at some point after – 6 April 2019. The data they output may […]

Guy Buesnel | Jan 2018

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