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Faster, Surer Industry Certification for GNSS-Enabled Products
Today, the satellite positioning and navigation market is moving with phenomenal speed.

Most vendors and manufacturers of GNSS-enabled devices are conscious that—to give their new products the best chance of thriving—they must deliver them to market as rapidly as possible.

And one of the greatest obstacles for many is the process of product certification.

Minimizing the impact of certification on time to market
In terms of minimizing certification's impact on time to market, it's clearly incredibly important to get it right first time. Having your initial certification application denied can, in many cases, result in months of rework and re-submissions.

But the only way to increase a product's chance of success is to subject it to rigorous testing—ideally to the same exacting standards that will be used by the testing house—and this, in itself, can prove hugely time-consuming.

How Spirent can help
To help reconcile these conflicting pressures, Spirent has released TestDrive-GNSS, an automation and reporting tool for our GSS6700 and GSS8000 series Multi-GNSS simulators.

Using TestDrive-GNSS, vendors and manufacturers can set up, automate and accelerate industry-standard tests, prior to submitting a product to a testing house or certification authority.

As a result, it can help vendors:
  • Give a product the best possible chance of achieving certification first time
  • And minimise the additional testing time that’s required by the certification process
Find out more You can learn more about exactly how TestDrive-GNSS supports and accelerates certification in this Spirent Application Note—from automating test reporting, to reducing test costs.
By: Stuart Smith - 9/28/2012 8:49:32 AM

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