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New GNSS Testing Solutions for Automotive R&D
The automotive industry has long since represented one of the most influential and exciting areas of global positioning R&D.

Mid-way through 2012, this is truer than ever. In today's vehicles GNSS positioning takes its place amongst a host of technologies: From on-vehicle infotainment systems and inertial sensors, to the emerging vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure positioning solutions that promise to transform the safety and efficiency of traveling by car.

As on-vehicle systems grow in variety and complexity, automotive R&D teams need tools capable of accurately and comprehensively testing such integrated systems.

To this end, we've recently built a number of new features into our industry-leading Record and Playback System, the Spirent GSS6400 RPS.

The New Capabilities
The first key enhancement to the GSS6400 is the ability to record and playback two channels of serial data, synchronously or asynchronously with the GNSS signals. This can include data from:
  • CAN Bus (high- and low-speed CAN signals)
  • Inertial sensors
  • DR sensors (gyros and wheel speed sensors)
  • Reference receivers
  • 1pps signals
In addition, we've also added the option start or stop record and playback on a pulse—a feature designed to greatly simplify the process of integrating the GSS6400 with other test systems.

The New Applications
For R&D teams working on hybrid automotive positioning systems, a lack of signal synchronization can result in the cumulative magnification of small, initial drift errors.

Recording both CAN signals and GNSS signals in perfect unison resolves this issue, enhancing test accuracy and accelerating system development.

The GSS6400's ability to record both high- and low-speed CAN signals opens another new set of potential automotive applications – testing on-vehicle BCM units and multi-media for faults.

Testing the future of automotive positioning
We're keen to collaborate with R&D teams working on the next generation of automotive positioning systems, to develop the new testing tools the industry needs. If you'd like our help, don't hesitate to get in touch.
By: Rahul Gupta - 9/28/2012 9:18:51 AM

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