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Automate Your GNSS Receiver Testing
"We are in Testing Times", a phrase being used more and more these days in relation to many things. However, 'Testing Times' is also a concern to anyone responsible for planning, resourcing and carrying out GNSS testing. We all want our products to be designed, developed and out to the market in ever-shorter timescales. The time taken to perform important testing is often significant. How great it would be to be able to reduce this time, make things more efficient?

Well, there is good news. Spirent recognizes the problems faced by test programs in reducing cost and time. Indeed our engineers have just the same problems as you do. So, we will soon be introducing a new way of automating the fundamental GNSS tests required for characterization of GNSS devices.

TestDrive-GNSS is that new tool. It is a piece of software which controls your Spirent simulator and GNSS device under test. It provides a suite of test cases that enables fundamental characterization tests to be performed in an automated and controlled way. Examples of fundamental characterization tests include time-to-first-fix (TTFF), acquisition sensitivity, tracking sensitivity, re-acquisition time, and static and dynamic navigation accuracy. The tool also provides a formal test report at the end of the process.

Characterization tests can be cumbersome to execute manually, especially when iterative repetition is required as test signals and conditions are changed. For example, a TTFF test typically involves 100 or more repeat measurements which, if undertaken manually, require significant operator involvement. Similarly, consider a navigation accuracy test under a full range of Dilution of Precision (DOP) conditions where the satellite constellation geometry needs to be changed many times. Automation of such a test is essential in a world where the timescales for completing test programs are being constantly reduced.

TestDrive-GNSS unlocks the full power of a Spirent GNSS simulation system, enabling the test equipment to do the work with minimal intervention. It not only saves time, but helps to increase test quality and accountability with its comprehensive test reporting. With TestDrive-GNSS, these Testing Times are now much shorter.

Watch this space in early 2012 for TestDrive-GNSS. Your route to more efficient, less costly GNSS testing.
By: Stuart Smith - 12/15/2011 1:42:08 PM
Tags: GNSS Receivers

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