GSS9000 Constellation Simulator Benefits

A GSS9000 system comprises a Spirent C50r Host running Spirent's powerful simulation software SimGEN™ and a highly configurable RF signal generator able to meet all test needs.

Multiple chassis can be combined to form an integrated, coherent signal generator if more signals or outputs are required. A comprehensive range of system extensions allows users to tailor the system to their specific needs, today and in the future.

The GSS9000 supports an extensive range of constellation configurations, from GPS L1 through to multi-GNSS, multi-frequency systems including classified/restricted signals.

Configurations are available that support multi-antennas and multi-vehicles, for example: Differential-GNSS, attitude determination, interference/jamming and spoofing and Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) testing.

The GSS9000 generates all carriers, ranging codes and data streams for the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou GNSS systems, plus SBAS, QZSS, IRNSS and CAPS regional/augmentation systems. Additionally, data/messages for RTCM differential, GBAS/LAAS and A-GNSS are provided.

Supreme Performance

At the cutting-edge of GNSS R&D testing, high performance isn't just desirable-it's essential. For example, to test the true performance of a GNSS receiver under high dynamic motion, a high Simulation Iteration Rate (SIR), low latency, low phase noise and high pseudorange accuracy are essential.
  • Some of the GSS9000's key performance attributes are:
  • Class-leading 1000Hz Simulation Iteration Rate (SIR) and Hardware Update Rate (HUR) enabling real-time remote control and trajectory delivery with extremely low latency and simulation of non-interpolated, ultra-high dynamic motion
  • Phase noise, less than 0.005 Rad RMS
  • 160 channels plus 640 embedded multipath channels across 10 independent frequencies in one chassis
  • 0.1dB power resolution over a 60dB range
  • 0.3mm RMS Pseudorange Accuracy
  • Extremely high 6-DOF motion dynamics:
      120,000 m/s Relative Velocity
      192,600 m/s2 Relative Acceleration
      890,400 m/s3 Relative Jerk
  • Data streaming of all simulation data at 1000Hz
  • Highly flexible configurations selectable via a 'cabinet' of licence keys
  • Complete portability of Spirent SimGEN™ scenarios
  • In-field upgradeability of principal GNSS functionality and capability
  • On-the-fly reconfiguration of constellation and signal configurations
  • Fully future-proofed for all known advances in GNSS technology
The GSS9000 simulator supports multi-system, multi constellation GNSS testing

   The GSS9000 simulator supports multi-system,
   multi constellation GNSS testing

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