GSS9000 Constellation Simulator Details

The extensibility and flexibility of the GSS9000 allows a very large number of possible configurations, made possible by three key functions of the system
  • RF channel banks, with 4, 8, 12, or 16 channels per bank
  • A 'cabinet' of license feature keys to determine which GNSS signals can be simulated
  • A software license to determine specific features
Increasingly, GNSS receivers and sensors do not operate in isolation. If development and verification testing of integrated systems is required then it is essential that other sensors are emulated and other signals are reproduced coherent with the GNSS signals.

The GSS9000 has been designed to operate with all of Spirent's extensive range of options and system extensions. For example, inertial sensors can be emulated by SimINERTIAL™. Wheel tick sensors and VSS signals are reproduced by SimAUTO™. Noise and channel interference can be reproduced by the GSS7765. Spoofing vulnerability and resilience can be tested with Spirent's SimSAFE™.

Operational performance of an Integrated GPS/Inertial (IGI) system can be established in the laboratory using real-time emulation of the inertial sensor outputs along with a GSS9000 constellation simulator. All signals are coherently generated to exactly match the simulated vehicle trajectory. Typical inertial sensor performance can be represented by a sensor error model driven by the simulated motion, with appropriate coefficients entered by the user.

The GSS9000 series supports AES M-Code testing with SimMCODE™ and server-based Non-AES M-Code testing via an extension to SimMCODE.

Provides SA/A-S simulation for testing of SAASM equipment with Y code.

*Available to authorised users only (applies to some SimINTERIAL variants)

SimAUTO provides a turnkey solution to testing integrated vehicle navigation systems comprising GPS and Dead Reckoning (DR) sensors such as gyros or wheel ticks. SimAUTO allows parameters such as vehicle geometry and odometer pulse rate to be set and saved to a vehicle personality file for future use.

The GSS7765 offers a very broad range of interfering signal options, which may be used to represent a varied array of threat sources. The GSS7765 also supports noise generation with variable bandwidth and can be configured to support up to 4 fully independent interference sources.

SimREMOTE real-time control and motion API
SimREMOTE™ is an extremely powerful control and trajectory data interface with the following features:
  • Comprehensive API for real-time 1000Hz remote control and trajectory delivery
  • Real time, high-rate data streaming aids analysis
  • Real-time, zero-effective latency hardware in the loop (HWIL) testing with no need for data interpolation
  • Extensive commands for precision manipulation of signal parameters such as carrier and code phase & amplitude, allowing simulation of complex signal perturbations such as those caused by multipath and ionospheric scintillation
The vulnerability of GNSS to spoofing attacks is a key consideration across many GNSS applications. SimSAFE is used with the GSS9000 to evaluate the vulnerability of a receiver under test to deliberate "spoofing" or "meaconing" attacks and to assess the effectiveness of mitigation techniques and strategies. SimSAFE can be used in R&D applications and in certification or vendor selection applications

Flexibility and Connectivity

The GSS9000 is designed for the real-world testing environment with a wide range of interfaces both analogue and digital. Low level RF outputs are supplemented by high level RF inputs and outputs for monitoring and signal injection purposes; a range of digital interfaces include IEEE-488, Ethernet, SCRAMNet+ and SCRAMNet GT; extensive timing, trigger and control access.
The GSS9000 simulator supports multi-system, multi constellation GNSS testing

   The GSS9000 simulator supports multi-system,
   multi constellation GNSS testing

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