To develop positioning, navigation, and timing systems for military, space, research, and other high-precision applications you require sophisticated and highly comprehensive testing. The GSS9000 GPS/GNSS simulator is the ultimate GNSS/GPS test solution, giving the very best in performance, flexibility, and capability of any GNSS test solution, anywhere.

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The GSS9000 GNSS/GPS Simulator from Spirent provides supreme performance, ultimate flexibility, and the most comprehensive capabilities available in any GNSS test solution. Used by all those working in high-end GNSS technology and application development, it offers a comprehensive set of features to help improve your designs.
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Continuing to raise the bar on highly flexible and scalable solutions, the GSS9000 Series has been expanded to include

  • Up to 2 KHz update (simulation iteration) rate for zero-effective latency in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation of ultra-high dynamic applications
    • For applications such as hypersonic vehicles or high-rate spinning vehicles, a very high rate iteration of the simulation motion models and pseudorange calculations is needed (for example to allow determination of spin rotational direction).
    • GSS9000 now supports execution of these calculations against current scenario run-time at 0.5ms intervals

  • Extended interference transmitter (GTx) capabilities
    • To provide greater power and flexibility in interference testing, Spirent has increased the carrier offset range from ±5 to ±25 MHz to support interference testing on wide spectrum signals, increased bandwidth resolution and repetition rates, and added variable bandwidth control on additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN).
    • Support for Blue Force Electronic Attack (BFEA) waveforms, allowing agencies to create scenarios to test Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) TRD threshold and objective requirements.

  • Extended simulation scenario duration – up to 65 days
    • In a simulation environment, where initial and boundary conditions are key for a realistic representation of the mission, reducing the number of user inputs is essential. This new update will extend the available scenario duration to 65 days, using the same initial conditions for the simulation throughout the duration of testing, delivering uninterrupted high-performance simulation for longer.

  • New advanced spoofing feature to support repeaters/meaconing
    • Spoofer transmitters can now be enabled as ground-based repeaters
    • Enhanced and more intuitive spoofing set-up in SimGEN
Features & Benefits

Market-Leading Accuracy and Fidelity: High quality simulation - built on 30 years' experience — puts your designs and systems through rigorous testing. Nothing less is good enough for high-precision/critical applications.

Flexible Configuration: The GSS9000 supports all GNSS signals and frequencies, including regional augmentation systems and classified/restricted signals. It is future-proof for all advances in GNSS signals and services.

Powerful Software: The GSS9000 uses Spirent's world-leading simulation software SimGEN™ for scenario design, and simulation run-time control.

Custom Solutions: The power and flexibility of the GSS9000 with SimGEN™ make it the fundamental platform on which many customized solutions can be built, from wavefront simulation for CRPA test, to bespoke signal generation and manipulation for specialized requirements.

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