SimSAFE Signal Simulator Benefits and Features

"Simulation tool for GNSS threat analysis and mitigation techniques."

The SimSAFE test tool is a software application that interfaces with SimGENTM and with GNSS receivers to facilitate laboratory evaluation of receiver's vulnerability and development of authentication strategies.

By allowing user-defined modification of key parameters such as power, pseudo-range and navigation message content of one ("hoax") signal with respect to a reference ("genuine") signal, SimSAFE allows the user to emulate a spoofing attack whilst simultaneously monitoring the receiver under attack.

SimSAFE supports two test architectures. The first where the legitimate GNSS signals are simulated and the second where ambient GNSS signals received via an antenna are used. In both cases the "legitimate" and "false" GNSS signals are combined in the test bed and presented to the receiver under test via co-axial cable.

SimSAFE eliminates the requirement to broadcast "false" signals for the purpose of test.

SimSAFE runs on its own controller separate from the controller running SimGEN. SimSAFE controls the simulator via remote commands to SimGEN. This allows the software to select and edit scenarios and to pass to SimGEN all the various parameters required to emulate a spoofing attack.
Whilst the hoax signals are always simulated, the authentic signal (for the purposes of the test) can be provided by either live sky (SimSAFE Live) or by a simulator (SimSAFE Simulated).
SimSAFE also provides extensive monitoring features to allow the performance of the device under test to be monitored and to evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation strategies and countermeasures.
SimSAFE: Simulation tool for GNSS threat analysis and mitigation techniques

   SimSAFE: Simulation tool for GNSS threat
  analysis and mitigation techniques

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