Database Cloud Library is a cloud-based subscription service that gives you direct access to interference detection networks and an evolving threat library you can download and use for PNT testing

Get anytime, anywhere access to all of your PNT test resources. The Spirent Database Cloud Library, PT Cloud, is a single place to access all of your Spirent test scenarios and test cases and the latest intelligence on GNSS threats. In addition, store and access real-world interference events you’ve detected, and analyze results with our in-cloud analytics software.
Standard Support Services
  • Test Scenarios: Online access to more preconfigured test scenarios – in addition to those that came with your Spirent simulator.
  • Test Packs and Test Suites: Download application-specific test packs and test suites for use with Spirent TestBench test automation tool.
  • GSS200D Detector Interference Events: Browse, analyze, and download real-world interference events recorded by your Spirent Interference Detector.
  • GNSS Vulnerabilities: Access to a regularly-updated library of known GNSS threats. Includes atmospherics, interference, degradation, spoofing, and segment errors.

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