Anti-jam Testing

Protect Yourself From Interference

Over the years a number of schemes have been developed to mitigate the effects of jamming and also the effects of unintentional interference effects. Testing such schemes requires specialized systems which stimulate the unit under test with GPS and simulated jamming/interference signals.

We have a range of test products to allow users to evaluate the performance of anti-jam systems in two different ways: (1) inside the chamber with the antenna or (2) outside of an anechoic chamber where the antenna electronics are exercised.

GPS Anti-jam Technology
What are the key validation and deployment issues of GPS Anti-jam Technology?

Despite their spread spectrum modulation, GPS satellite signals are vulnerable to interference because of their extremely low power (approximately -160 dBW). For many applications this vulnerability represents a significant problem. Anti-jam GPS receiver systems attempt to mitigate interference by using a variety of techniques including phase shifting, spectral filtering or adaptive beamforming. Evaluating the effectiveness of these techniques requires careful test planning—and the right equipment.

Spirent Solves Your Critical Test Challenges.

Spirent offers a variety of equipment choices to support GPS Anti-jam Technology:
  • The GSS7790 dual-frequency signal simulator provides a single RF output for each satellite in view. These signals may either be radiated into an anechoic chamber for Controlled Radiation Pattern Antenna (CRPA) antenna testing, or may be manipulated by an external phase shifting matrix to test the anti-jam performance of the receiver.
  • The GSS7765 Interference Simulation System allows the tester to generate multiple simultaneous interference sources including AM, FM, CW, band limited white noise, pulsed or other waveforms.
  • Other interference test options and configurations are also available. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

Why Test with Spirent?
  • World’s leading provider of GPS Anti-jam Technology test equipment
  • Flexible systems can be tailored to your specific requirements
The Spirent 7-element Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna Test System

   The Spirent 7-element Controlled Reception
   Pattern Antenna Test System

The GSS7790 is extremely effective in chamber applications

   The GSS7790 is extremely effective in chamber

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