Emulate Real World Conditions With In-Vehicle Navigation System Testing

Effective Testing of Vehicle Navigation Systems

What are the Key Development Issues for Developers of Vehicle Navigation Systems?

Tight cost constraints and a difficult signal environment conspire to make in-vehicle navigation system testing one of the most challenging GPS applications. Increasingly, designers are turning to hybrid systems using other Dead Reckoning (DR) sensors to complement satellite-derived positioning.

Testing the blended GPS/DR solution requires coherent simulation with realistic vehicle dynamics. These systems are commonly integrated with vehicle electronics via Controller Area Network (CAN) or similar interfaces. Thorough development and verification testing requires the ability to reproduce the real world operating environment of the integrated vehicle navigation system.

Spirent Solves Your Critical Test Challenges.

Powerful, controlled and flexible testing of hybrid systems is enabled using Spirent's solutions for vehicle navigation system testing. These solutions allow for the definition of the test scenario, including representative dynamics and satellite signal parameters. They also have the option to substitute additional data, usually provided by the DR sensors, with emulated signals consistent with the GPS satellite signals from the RF simulator.

Why Test with Spirent?
  • Industry-leading accuracy, stability and reliability from the world's leading GNSS test expert
  • Flexible systems that can be tailored to your needs
  • Real time remote control interface allows integration with existing simulation or modeling tools to enable hardware-in-the-loop testing
Spirent's SimAUTO emulates wheel ticks, odometer and heading sensors that are coordinated with GPS RF

   Spirent's SimAUTO emulates wheel ticks,
   odometer and heading sensors that are
   coordinated with GPS RF

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