GPS Testing - Datasheets

A uniquely powerful GPS simulator offering independent access to each simulated GPS satellite signal at RF. Additional flexibility is offered as the signal is further split into its GPS L1, L2 and L5 components.

When combined with one of Spirent's GPS simulators, the GSS7765 offers a comprehensive solution for testing satellite navigation equipment in the presence of intentional or unintentional RF interference.

A GPS simulator designed specifically for testing dual-frequency GPS equipment and sensors in manufacturing environments.

A Multi-GNSS Simulator with 12 channels of one, two or three constellations that supports either comprehensive scenario generation capability with proven SimGEN software, or scenario replay-only capability.

A Multi-GNSS Signal Generator with a single channel of one, two or three constellations designed specifically for high volume manufacturing test applications.

GSS6560 Multi-Channel Fully Flexible GPS/SBAS Simulation System
The GSS6560 has been superseded by the GSS6700 with SimGEN.

STR4500 Multi-Channel GPS/SBAS Simulator
The STR4500 has been superseded by the GSS6700 with SimREPLAY.

GSS6100 GPS L1 Production Test System
The GSS6100 has been superseded by the GSS6300.

Simulator Data Sets contain official, pre-encrypted data streams and have been devised by the U.S. Government as a means of testing such GPS receivers in the laboratory using hardware simulators but without the need to employ the real algorithm in the GPS simulator itself.

Spirent GPS, GNSS and GPS/INS simulation systems maintenance and support services.

Spirent is the world’s leading provider of GPS/GNSS test and simulation systems

   Spirent is the world's leading provider of
   GPS/GNSS test and simulation systems

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