GPS Testing

Current and Legacy GPS Testing

Spirent's range of products support testing of systems using the current GPS constellation with up to 32 satellites at L1 and L2 with C/A and P codes. Classified testing using SAASM and Y-code signals can also be supported for authorized customers. We have a wide range of products offering simple single channel L1 C/A code testing all the way up to multi-chassis, multi-frequency, multi-code solutions.

GPS Modernization Testing

The current GPS constellation is undergoing modernization with the addition of new Block IIR-M satellites which include new military "M" code signals on the L1 and L2 frequencies and a new L2C civilian signal on the L2 frequency. The next generation satellites, Block II-F, will also introduce an additional civilian frequency, L5. We have been providing simulators which support testing using these new signals and new frequency for many years. We are continuing to develop test solutions as new requirements evolve and are committed to being at the leading edge as future test strategies emerge.

We have sought and acquired the approval of the GPS Wing for our approach and architecture for modernized GPS testing.

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