Converged Networks / Net-Centric Operations

Maximizing the Potential of Converged Networks

Achieving reliability and improving end-user experience when combining circuit-switched and packet-based networks is a continuing challenge. Taking the effort to do so only makes sense if costs are reduced or if revenue per customer goes up.

Spirent is the leading provider of PSTN to Voice over IP (VoIP) convergence testing. As networks evolve, Spirent simplifies the testing of converged applications and devices which becomes an overwhelming necessity as networks become more complex. Spirent's test expertise extends across IMS, Triple Play, VoIP, analog and TDM with equipment that enables service providers and network equipment manufacturers to test migration from legacy to converged networks.

What are the Key Enterprise Test Issues for Converged Networks?

VoIP is poised to offer big benefits to the enterprise- both in terms of cost savings and revenue generation. But the demands placed on converged enterprise networks are significant. And potential problems such as transmission delay, jitter, and dropped packets can hinder even the best-laid plans.

That is why testing is critical. But it is not enough to test systems and devices independently. Converged environments require interdependent testing of the infrastructure and components to ensure the network is capable of delivering optimal capacity, reliability and performance. Only through such testing can you verify your vendors' performance and interoperability claims-making certain there will be no surprises during or after deployment.

Spirent Solves Your Critical Test Challenges.

Spirent solutions ensure that your hardware and software will perform as promised by testing and assessing four critical areas: network planning, network validation, voice quality and security. With Spirent's award-winning architecture for converged network testing you can thoroughly analyze the interaction between voice, data and video traffic.

Why Test with Spirent?
  • Reduce the risk of performance issues and outages by testing new network devices and software components before deployment
  • Verify that your security infrastructure enforces your policies without impacting the performance of voice, video and data applications
  • Measure the performance and capacity of new and existing network devices
  • Optimize the network, purchasing only the software and hardware that you need
Spirent helps you accurately generate mixed traffic loads for converged network testing

   Spirent helps you accurately generate mixed
   traffic loads for converged network testing

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