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What are the Key Development Issues for IMS Architecture Equipment Manufacturers?

Developing IMS ready equipment means working in a Multi-protocol environment with developing standards and proprietary extensions. IMS promises tremendous opportunity, however along with this is the threat of unhappy users' complaining about networks failing, poor media conversion rates and less-than-satisfactory service performance.

Packet-based-voice has brought cost savings to organizations of all sizes, from the home office to multi-national corporations. IMS is eliminating management silos and enabling new services. As markets seek greater performance, density, and functionality, new challenges emerge for those delivering solutions.

The solutions of today and tomorrow must meet those demands. Can your solution:
  • Support hundreds of thousands of calls simultaneously while sustaining high MOS scores?
  • Deliver five-nines service availability with high quality of experience (QoE)?
  • Quickly isolate the source of a problem in a multi-vendor solution?
  • Minimize or compensate for realistic network conditions, such as jitter, latency and loss?
  • Assign the proper level of service to users as they access the network.
  • Create accurate CDR billing records for all services and customers.
  • Failover properly during an outage in a primary path.
  • Maintain throughput while implementing encryption.
  • Effectively enforce security policies to prevent outages due to malicious attacks.
  • Interwork with new and legacy networks.
IMS services present hundreds of failure points. Release and deployment delays can result from failure to assure performance and scalability. Performance problems discovered after deployment cost money and customers. Interactions and interdependencies in the converged network create a complex environment. The test bed must reproduce this complexity and scale.

Your solution must scale, whether in bandwidth or traffic type or number of users, sessions, ports, tunnels or VLANs, while maintaining throughput, QoS and security. If your test system can't deliver this level of realism, you can't have the assurance that the system will deliver acceptable performance when it is deployed.

Spirent Solves Your Critical Test Challenges.

As IMS test requirements grow more complicated due to new service and feature creation, you need a single company that provides a test solution that respects cap-ex restrictions and simplifies the testing methodology so that faster test cycles within strained budgets can be realized.

Spirent provides the solution to critical skill shortages and test methodology "know-how", overcoming IMS network equipment interoperability & conformance issues by providing Assessment Services for testing IMS architectures.

Our solutions keep pace with the evolving IMS landscape, to ensure you are always testing up-to-the minute protocols and standards. Spirent's IMS solutions allow you to develop today and deploy for revenue tomorrow.

Why Test with Spirent?
  • Spirent is actively involved with evolution of IMS architecture to ensure its solutions provide support for the latest iterations and applications
  • Spirent reveals the level of interoperability & functionality of your equipment in an IMS architecture
  • Spirent helps verify your value add services or features work correctly in a complex billing environment
  • Spirent provides professional services to highlight appropriate testing methodologies and quickly ramp up testing
Spirent received the Frost & Sullivan Product Line Strategy Award for its leadership in the global IMS test and monitoring equipment market

Spirent received the Frost & Sullivan Product Line Strategy Award for its leadership in the global IMS test and monitoring equipment market

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