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Deploying Video and IPTV Applications

What are the Key Deployment Issues for Government Video/IPTV Applications?

IPTV brings new, complex challenges and scalability issues that affect Quality of Experience (QoE) for government users, including video telephony, educational video-on-demand and streaming video. Bandwidth demands and IPTV's unique characteristics must be weighed against the business value it delivers.

Delivering viable IPTV and Video on Demand services is changing the marketplace, the technology and the network. The technical challenges involved in achieving broadcast-quality service over fixed and mobile networks are significant.

Those responsible for delivering IPTV face daunting challenges. Can your solution:
  • Deliver five-nines service availability with high quality of experience (QoE)?
  • Maintain high QoE for thousands of viewers in the presence of rapid channel changes?
  • Correct errors caused packet loss or delay, that threaten picture quality?
  • Support all components of a multiplay environment with high QoE for each?
  • Quickly isolate the source of a problem in a multi-vendor solution?
  • Minimize or compensate for realistic network conditions, such as latency and loss?
Failure to answer these questions in advance will result in schedule delays and performance problems that cost money and customers. In this kind of environment, everything can affect everything else. The test bed must reproduce the complexity and scale of the deployed network.

Your solution must scale, whether in bandwidth or traffic type or number of subscribers, sessions, ports, tunnels or VLANs, while maintaining throughput, QoS and security. If your test system can't deliver this level of realism, you can't have the assurance that the system will deliver an acceptable QoE when it is deployed.

Spirent Solves Your Critical Test Challenges.

Spirent IPTV test solutions allow IT management to understand the impact on video picture quality under a wide variety of conditions. Our IPTV test equipment demonstrates the effect the delivery of high-quality or low-quality video telephony has on business applications.

Spirent's IPTV test systems include video infrastructure and quality testing, a new IPTV wizard for quick overview results, and an industry-first Time-Varying Network Impairment System that simulates actual installed network conditions.

Why Test with Spirent?
  • Comprehensive testing for effects on video picture quality (Full and No Reference Model)
  • Highly scalable video-centric infrastructure testing
  • Testing the impact of data and voice on video in a converged network
  • Application of time varying network impairments per ITU-T G.1050
Spirent accurately generates mixed traffic loads for Video and IPTV performance testing

   Spirent accurately generates mixed traffic loads
   loads for Video and IPTV performance testing

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