Mobile Applications

Qualify Application Performance Before Deployment

What are the Key Wireless Application Test Issues?

As mobile devices mature, testing has become more focused on verifying the operation of applications and advanced features. The performance of these software-based features often directly impacts end users' experience. Testing wireless data services such as EMS, SMS, MMS, MoIP and mobile video prior to deployment is critical.

Spirent Solves Your Critical Test Challenges.

As technologies advance, application offerings are constantly changing. Spirent provides dynamic testing platforms designed to grow with these evolving testing needs. By analyzing the implementation quality of technologies such as EV-DO and HSDPA, Spirent qualifies the backbone for new data services. Spirent also provides systems to test applications and services on mobile devices. By testing the expanding software applications on various manufacturer handsets, operators can ensure that a proven combination of device and service is deployed.

Why Test with Spirent?
  • Reduce the overall test cycle with automated feature testing
  • Verify consistent performance using regression test mobile device software builds
  • Evaluate application-enabling technology to ensure network implementation success
  • Real-world traffic evaluates core components and network server capability
Testing wireless data services such as EMS, SMS, MMS, MoIP and mobile video prior to deployment is critical

   Testing wireless data services such as EMS,
   SMS, MMS, MoIP and mobile video prior to
   deployment is critical

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