Router Testing - White Papers

Data Center Testing White Paper
This white paper aims to help network professionals understand the issues involved in data center validation and performance benchmarking.

Using Spirent TestCenter to Generate Real World Traffic Whitepaper
Spirent TestCenter replaces SmartBits and other testers by incorporating fundamentally improved architectural changes.

How to Validate Network Applications Before you Deploy
If your company is like most organizations in today's network-centric world, you need to ensure that your applications run properly over private and public Wide Area Networks (WANs).

Exeter University Case Study
A Study In Wise IT Selection. How Spirent's prior testing ensured optimal vendor and product choices.

German Air Navigation Services Case Study
How the German Air Navigation Services are securing the capacity of future networks.

Major UK Bank Data Center Case Study
Data Center Consolidation - How one major bank made sure of rock solid service from day one.

Spirent helps government agencies and router manufacturers precisely quantify network functionality and performance

   Spirent helps government agencies and router
   manufacturers precisely quantify network
   functionality and performance

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