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100G OpenFlow World Premiere at AusNOG
During this year's annual conference of the Australian Network Operators Group (AusNOG), Spirent and Brocade demonstrated a 100G OpenFlow network with live traffic, as well as an example of an advanced SDN application replicating flows for lawful intercept. It was a double premiere of the industry's first live demonstration of 100G OpenFlow and as the first public demonstration of the Spirent TestCenter interactive SDN application for testing high Speed Ethernet OpenFlow devices.

Spirent Test Center
Physical equipment setup with Spirent TestCenter (top) and two Brocade MLXe (bottom) at AusNOG

Spirent's announcement of the industry's first integrated OpenFlow benchmark test solution for High Speed Ethernet (HSE) networks at Interop in May generated some debate because the current OpenFlow 1.0 specification does not specifically list 40G and 100G HSE physical port rates. The AusNOG demonstration shows how OpenFlow and 100G can be tested and deployed today, not just for high speed forwarding, but also for more advanced SDN applications.

The 100Gbps OpenFlow switching demonstrations consisted of two Brocade MLXe switches with 100G connections to each other, a Spirent TestCenter chassis with a 2-port 100G test module and LR4 CFP optics, and an 8-port 10G Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics neXt mX test module.

Network testing
100G OpenFlow switching demonstration diagram as presented at AusNOG

The Spirent TestCenter 10G interfaces with OpenFlow controller emulation populated multiple flow-block forwarding entries in both the Brocade MLXe switches, and then verified these with line-rate bidirectional 100G traffic generation and analysis.

Network Testing Spirent
100G Spirent traffic over multiple flow blocks between Brocade MLXe with one flow block replicated for lawful intercept purposes as presented at AusNOG

To further demonstrate the possibilities of OpenFlow with advanced SDN applications, a flow block on the 100G trunk was replicated by the Brocade MLXe to a 10G Spirent TestCenter port as it would be forwarded to a lawful intercept probe for further analysis. Redirection of a flow is as easy as dynamically enabling another flow-table entry with the Spirent TestCenter Controller. The switch starts replication to the 10G link without affecting the original flow on the 100G link.

Enabling flow
Dynamic change on Spirent TestCenter GUI enabling another flow for replication on the fly

The 100G OpenFlow demonstration was a joint effort of Brocade and Spirent engineers from Australia, Hong Kong, Hawaii, and Silicon Valley. This first public 100G OpenFlow demonstration proves the market is ready for initiatives such as Internet2 to start rolling out a 35+ POP, nationwide 100G OpenFlow network later this year.

spirent federal systems

Picture source: www.stanford.edu/~brandonh/ONS/OpenFlowTutorial_ONS_Heller.pdf
By: Jurrie Van Den Breekel - 9/25/2012 7:57:37 PM
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