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Why is PASS Methodology so Important in DCN Testing?
PASS ImageThe PASS Methodology Testing*–PASS is the industry's first holistic test methodology to validate the performance, availability, security and scalability (PASS) of data center networks.

To provide a standard way of measuring and evaluating a device under test (DUT) or a system under test (SUT), a series of benchmarks were created to establish a uniform procedure for traffic generation to and from the DUT/SUT with a normalized procedure of analysis and reporting. The goal of these benchmarks is to generate metrics in a reproducible and unbiased fashion for comparability.

Developed by Spirent, the PASS methodology includes:
  • Performance: Optimize data center services and infrastructure to maximize user experience
  • Availability: Ensure network uptime, high availability in daily operation and under extreme conditions
  • Security: Eliminate vulnerabilities and exposure to attacks with assurance of segregated traffic
  • Scalability: Validate the maximum number of simultaneous users successfully supported, including bandwidth, scale and more
Need to see more detail on these best practices?

Examples of the best practices appear in case studies outlined in both a set of short webinars and a white paper on this topic. Click here for the Spirent Learn in 10 on-demand webinars to learn more, and check out "The Solution" presentation. Or download the DCN Testing Best Practices white paper.

In our next blog, we'll look at why Network Failure Threshold Testing is a critical best practice in new DCN initiatives.

*To learn more about PASS Methodology search the keyword 'PASS'.
By: Glen Cory Jr. - 8/26/2014 10:45:03 AM
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