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Signs that Your Website Has Been Hacked

Imagine the day that no online business ever wants to have. You come to work, check your site traffic, and everything seems fine. Then, you start getting emails and calls from customers. Their credit cards - the same ones they stored on your site to make it easier to shop - have been stolen and used in fraudulent transactions. You quickly learn that the first few issues are not isolated incidents, and that your entire database has been breached. Most regrettably, the entire situation could have been prevented with proactive security measures that would have helped you to identify and fix your website vulnerabilities before malicious hackers could exploit them. The simple precaution of using an online website security scanner can make all the difference in preventing an attack like this.

Defacing Attacks

Imagine another scenario. You come into work, check your website, and find that your entire site has been replaced by obscene material disparaging your company. Believe it or not, this type of attack is frighteningly common. In fact, a member of the hacker collective Anonymous did this to a site they targeted for attack during a live interview - on air! The frightening reality is that the vast majority of websites are vulnerable to malicious attacks. But the good news is that nearly every one of these attacks could have been stopped if preventive measures, like a website security scanner, had been put in place.

Online Security Scanner

There are two main ways that you'll find out that you have poor security on your website. One is through a scenario similar to those mentioned above, when a malicious exploit rears its ugly head on your site. The other, and more reasonable method, is by using an online website scanner to identify the holes in your security. It's important to remember that the security of your website is only partially dependent on the quality of your programmers. Even the best web developers, who are familiar with all the rules, can create vulnerabilities through just an accidental mistake or two. And these can be exploited by malicious hackers to impersonate other users, deface your website, or steal customer information.

Some Signs to Watch Out For

Aside from using a website scanner, you should keep an eye out for the following signs of malicious activity:
  • Sudden bursts of traffic that take your site offline
  • Repeated failed login attempts to several different user accounts
  • Visitors being redirected from your site to another
  • Sudden drops in traffic


Since updates will be made to your website consistently, a truly secure website can only be achieved as part of an ongoing process. This requires using some type of online website security scanner that can check your site for vulnerabilities on a regular basis. If black-hat hackers are doing it all the time, so should you. The best scanners out there will look for the same vulnerabilities that hackers are most likely to take advantage of. Your business' reputation is your most impotant asset, and you have to seriously protect it. If you haven't yet, try an ArmorHub free online website security scan today to check the integrity of your website.

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