We handle your website security for you

Our service provides automated website security that lets you know the status of any vulnerabilities on your site at any time. Just type in your web address to get started, and on regularly scheduled intervals we'll look over your site to check its security status. If we ever find any vulnerabilities, you'll be notified immediately.

Easiest-to-use scanner on the market

All it takes is entering your web address to get started. After that, our best-in-class scanner will begin to crawl your website in search of vulnerabilities, giving you a quick and accurate assessment of your security. You'll be notified when new vulnerabilities are found, and can use the ArmorHub dashboard to get an overview by vulnerability type and threat level.

Best-in-class security scanner

ArmorHub is a high-performance security tool that crawls your infrastructure in search of vulnerabilities. It comprehensively scans all aspects of your website - API's, forms, links, cookies, headers, and more. It checks for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities as well as a proprietary list of the most important exploits, which is constantly updated as new threats arise.

Use Wordpress or Magento? You're secured.

Our solution is designed to secure the most common web platforms out there - Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and E107. Due to their popularity, these platforms are often the target of malicious activity. With ArmorHub, you take care of the content on your site and we'll take care of its security.

Tailor-made for modern web frameworks

We've created the only web scanner designed from the ground up with modern web frameworks in mind, such as Rails, Django, and Node.js. We aim to catch the mistakes that developers make most often make when using these frameworks, and are constantly adding new checks as these frameworks evolve and new vulnerabilities come to light.

Trust seal to increase conversion

After successfully conducting a scan, we give you the option to add our trust seal to your website. Using our seal will show your customers that you take security seriously, and trust seals such as ours have been proven to increase conversions on check-out and landing pages. It takes only one line of code to add our seal to your site.

Clear dashboard metrics

We've taken the time to organize all your vulnerability data - by threat level, by new/existing threats, across servers, and by vulnerability type - so you don't have to. It's now simple to identify and address the top vulnerabilities on your website.

Actionable details

The guiding principle of our reports is to help you and your team take action immediately. Every ArmorHub scan produces a report of vulnerabilities, rated by Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) and severity level, with detailed instructions for remediation.

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