Blitz for Application Performance Management

Building mobile applications, websites or APIs is an iterative process. New features and capabilities are being added constantly. Your application is rapidly and iteratively going through several distinct phases - Development, Staging, Production and Operations. At every step of the way, the ability to ensure that your application meets the highest levels of user satisfaction is critical.

Blitz has been purpose built to help application and website developers like you throughout this lifecycle with powerful yet simple capabilities including continuous monitoring, performance testing and remediation.

Bring Performance to Development

Blitz brings load and performance testing early into the development cycle. We have made it easy for you by integrating Blitz on most PaaS platforms. In the Development phase, Blitz's Performance Testing capabilities allow you to quickly understand the performance of your application in an easy, simple and affordable manner.

Make Sure You're Ready

Once you app or website is ready, Staging it for production is the next phase. This is where you ensure that all features and capabilities are working as designed. What better time to test performance than just before your users do? Blitz allows you to do just that.

If you are using a CI server in staging, you are already running unit tests on a continuous basis. With Blitz plugins for different CI servers, you can run load and performance tests against your staging (or production) app as a CI task. By helping you identify performance bottlenecks on a continuous basis, Blitz adds critical value to your deployment cycle.

Monitor Your Service 24x7

So you survived development, things look okay in staging and now you are in production. Awesome! Your app is up and your users are loving it. Now you need to ensure your app stays that way. You need to ensure that your auto-scaling is kicking in, your database sharding is working as expected and your wonderful RESTful API is not throwing up 500's at your users.

Blitz allows you to continuously monitor your app 24x7 from around the world. You can emulate a single user or hundreds of users all day, everyday and be notified immediately if anything goes wrong.

Quick Fixes That Stick

Problems happen. What is critical is how quickly you can reproduce and resolve the issue. Blitz helps you here in two ways. First, with continuous performance monitoring that alerts you immediately when something is wrong. The second is enabling rapid remediation by importing production data like logs, APM metrics and analytics from other tools and rapidly converting them into performance tests you can use to verify any fixes you make. Closing the loop ensures that the fixes you made don't introduce any new problems into your service.

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