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Blitz is a fresh approach to load and performance testing on the cloud. Developers are embracing newer, simpler and more agile technologies like Sinatra, Rails and node.js. Blitz brings that simplicity and agility to load and performance testing. Whether you are building a location-aware iPhone® or Android® app or your favorite RESTful API, you will quickly find value at an affordable price with Blitz.

Blitz enables you to instantly burst up to 50,000 concurrent users against your app in seconds from multiple points of presence around the world. To make it quick and easy, Blitz eliminates the need for complex scripting. Developers use a cURL interface that aligns with the rest of their environment.

Monitor Your Service 24x7

Monitoring a website, application or API should be fast and simple. Blitz can monitor whether your site or application is up, and not just the server. This is especially important since cloud infrastructure includes reverse-proxies, load-balancers and other devices that can impact the performance of your application. Simple ping checks don't mean much for cloud apps. With a couple of clicks, Blitz can build a transactional monitor to give you continuous feedback on actual application performance. With global points of presence and support for cookies and all HTTP verbs, you can have Blitz check all tiers of your app or API on a continuous basis.

Reproduce and Resolve Issues Fast

Cloud applications are changing all the time. With so many changes, things break. The question becomes how quickly will you react to reproduce the problem and fix it? Blitz enables rapid remediation by importing production data - logs, APM metrics and analytics from other tools - and rapidly converting them into performance tests you can use to verify any fixes you make. Closing the loop also ensures that the fixes you made don't introduce any new problems into your service

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