IP Press Releases

11/13/2017 - Live Network Test Showcases Performances of 25/40/50/100G Ethernet Links 
SCinet to use Spirent TestCenter to test the performance of it's WAN infrastructure

11/09/2017 - Spirent Earns Global Crest Accreditation, Assuring Highest Standard of Ethical Penetration Testing for Customers Around the World
Accreditation strengthens Spirent’s commitment to providing best-in-class security solutions for customers

10/03/2017 - Spirent VisionWorks Selected by Tier-1 Mobile Operator
Multi-Million Dollar Deployment of Mobility Service Assurance Solution Begins in Q4 2017

08/16/2017 - Spirent Selected to Conduct Record-Breaking Test of Cisco Data Center Core Switch - Largest 50G Port Test with Unicast Switching Capability
Network World tests Cisco Nexus 9516 with 1,024 fully loaded 50G Ethernet ports using Spirent TestCenter - the highest-density stress test ever conducted at 50G

07/26/2017 - Spirent Collaborating With Leading Certification Labs to Define New Open Standard for Network Security Testing Performance
Initiative Aims to Develop Vendor-Neutral Security Testing Standards

03/01/2017 - Spirent Teams With Brocade to Showcase 3GPP Compliant NB-IoT Solutions
Joint Tests Demonstrate Commitment to Open NB-IoT Ecosystem

03/01/2017 - Spirent and Nokia Partner to Accelerate 5G Lifecycle Testing
5G Lab as a Service Deployment Automates and Streamlines 5G Testing Based on DevOps Principles

2/13/2017 - Spirent Extends Security and Performance Testing Leadership with CyberFlood Update
Industry’s First Server-Response Fuzzing Raises Security Standards for Testing Against Malicious Attack Vectors

11/30/2016 - Enterprise IoT Leaders to Meet in the Cloud for IoTC - IoT Community’s IoT Grand Slam Virtual Conference
Highly acclaimed IoT Slam® series commences virtually online, December 1, 2016 – featuring elite speakers, exclusive topics, and world class sessions

11/15/2016 - Hyundai Selects Spirent Solutions for Ethernet-in-the-Car Conformance Testing

11/14/2016 - Spirent responds to carrier demands for actionable intelligence
Spirent VisionWorks, the first solution to provide the active visibility carriers need to detect, isolate and troubleshoot service issues across the network.

10/13/2016 - New Tweakker Multi-APN Setup App Improves Customer Experience and Data Usage for MVNO iOS Subscribers

09/21/2016 - Spirent and CALIENT partner to release the first complete orchestration and automation solution for next generation hybrid network test beds
Spirent Velocity with Calient S-Series Optical Circuit Switching addresses the demands of mobile and cloud test labs adopting next generation technologies like NFV and multi-speed Ethernet

09/19/2016 - Avnu Alliance and Spirent launch Ethernet test solution for standardized interoperability testing of automotive networks
Spirent is the first authorized test equipment manufacturer to license Avnu automotive AVB test plans

09/18/2016 - Spirent and CALIENT partner to release the first complete orchestration and automation solution for next generation hybrid network test beds
Spirent Velocity with Calient S-Series Optical Circuit Switching addresses the demands of mobile and cloud test labs adopting next generation technologies like NFV and multi-speed Ethernet

08/02/2016 - Spirent Introduces New Security and Performance Testing Solution for App-Aware Devices and Infrastructures
Spirent CyberFlood™ is a next-generation testing solution to validate the security, performance and scalability of app-aware infrastructures from enterprise to carrier-grade network capacity

07/12/2016 - Spirent Landslide CORE Delivers Automated Live Network Testing for UQ
With the Landslide CORE Solution, UQC enables real-time testing capabilities in its live network Image of a lot of people walking in a busy city

06/15/2016 - Spirent Announces Lumos for Automated Assurance of Hybrid Virtual-Physical Networks
Solution Enables Carriers to Experience Key Benefits of Virtualization in Hybrid Networks

05/24/2016 - Spirent Introduces New Application-Powered SaaS Platform to Grade Cloud Infrastructures
Spirent Temeva delivers multiple applications in a single platform to test, measure and validate next-generation networks and clouds

05/03/2016 - Spirent Announces Next-Generation In-Home Wi-Fi Service Assurance Solution
New Solution Delivers Unprecedented Automation for In-Home Wi-Fi Service Installation & Troubleshooting

04/27/2016 - Spirent Showcasing Game-Changing Ecosystem at IoT World with Partners
Software-only embedded connectivity and subscription management solution offers connectivity, scalability, configuration and simple user experience

02/22/2016 - Spirent and octoScope Announce a Solution for Performance Testing of Wi-Fi and Other Wireless Technologies in a Repeatable RF Environment
Spirent Landslide and octoScope enable real access point and real client device testing in a single testbed

02/18/2016 - Spirent and ADVA Optical Networking to Showcase Automated Cell Site Pre-Activation Testing at Mobile World Congress
Spirent Landslide™ EDGE and ADVA FSP 150 ProVM enable real-time testing capabilities for fastest cell site turn-up and in-service monitoring

12/18/2015 - Spirent Introduces World's First 50Gb Ethernet Test System
Spirent successfully completes the industry's first 50GbE interoperability test with a global leader in cloud services and infrastructure

11/17/2015 - Spirent Enables Operators to Minimize Outages Caused by Network Congestion and Overload
Spirent Landslide delivers a smarter approach to managing network performance, improving customer loyalty and driving revenue growth

09/16/2015 - Meet Your Cloud Infrastructure SLAs with the Industry's First Scale-by-Design Test Solution
Spirent's HyperScale test solution loads millions of virtual machines for cloud networks based on VMWare vCenter and OpenStack technologies

9/15/2015 - SC15's Multi-Technology Network, SCinet, Tested with Spirent Federal
Live Network Test Showcases Performances of 10/40/100G Ethernet Links

09/01/2015 - Industry's Highest Density 100GbE Test Modules Enable Testing of Next Generation Hyperscale Data Center Infrastructure
The new Spirent 8-port test modules cost-effectively stress and evaluate performance of high density 100G switches

08/26/2015 - VoLTE-Related Benchmark Study Provides Unique Insights into the User Experience of VoWi-Fi
Signals Research Group and Spirent Publish the latest Study in the multi-part series on All Things VoLTE

08/13/2015 - SGS Enables CTIA MIMO OTA Test Coverage with Spirent Solution
SGS Lab Prepares for Upcoming Mandate of CTIA MIMO OTA Test Plan

08/06/2015 - Spirent Named One of 20 Most Promising DevOps Solutions Provider
CIOReview Magazine recognized Spirent CLEAR DevOps for its ability to deliver innovative and agile solutions to business

08/06/2015 - All MVNOs Should Be Tweakker-Enabled, Says President of Ready Wireless

06/10/2015 - Industry’s First Public Demonstration of 400G Ethernet Interoperability Showcased at Interop Tokyo
Spirent, Toyo Corporation demonstrate 400G Ethernet interoperability with Huawei's Core Router

04/15/2015 - Industry's First 100G Impairment Emulator Helps Reduce the Effect of Latency in High Speed Ethernet Networks
New Spirent solution verifies high-speed continental and transoceanic networks carrying delay-sensitive video traffic and critical financial data

03/30/2015 - Spirent Enables Prediction and Prevention of Signaling Storm Outages with Comprehensive Diameter Testing
New Landslide Diameter solution lets carriers test and optimize their signaling networks to protect customer experience and revenues.

03/24/2015 - Fortinet Leverages Spirent Solutions to Validate Best-In-Class Performance of FortiGate-3810D
Spirent TestCenter and Avalanche Used for Performance Evaluation of the World's First 100Gbps Ethernet, Data Center Firewall Appliance; FortiGate®-3810D Delivers as Low as 4 Microseconds Latency with up to 320 Gbps Firewall Throughput

01/15/2015 - Spirent Accelerates the Assessment of Network Predictability
Spirent Velocity Extends its Physical Test Bed Management with Virtual Orchestration and Test Case Management

11/13/2014 - SC14's Multi-Technology Network, SCinet, Tested with Spirent Federal
Live Network Test Showcases Performances of 10/40/100G Ethernet Links

11/04/2014 - Spirent Accelerates Innovation in the Cloud with REST APIs
REST API for Spirent TestCenter Enhances Testing in Virtual Environments

10/14/2014 - Spirent puts SDN/OpenFlow Performance and Scale to the Test
Spirent joins industry experts to test OpenFlow switches and controllers at the ONF SDN Solution Showcase at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress

10/08/2014 - New Monitoring Solution Uncovers WiFi Issues That Impact Customer Experience
Spirent AxonPulse shifts the focus from reactive to proactive monitoring and detection of performance issues on enterprise corporate LAN/WAN and WiFi networks

09/23/14 - Industry's First Virtualized Ethernet Probe Offers Efficient, Scalable Testing and Diagnostics for Multi-Tenant Environments
Spirent's new Virtual Probes Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Capital Expenditure

09/21/2014 - Spirent Communications plc acquires Mobilethink A/S
Mobilethink's Device Analytics and Intelligence Solutions Strengthen Spirent's Ability to Help Operators Improve Customer Service Experience

09/016/2014 - Spirent Federal's New Proof of Concept Facility Helps Federal Agencies and Integrators Prepare for Offensive and Defensive Security Operations
New Facilities Offer Realistic Environments Used to demonstrate Cyber OPS teams to Defend Assets and Attack Targets

07/02/2014 - Spirent Agrees to Acquire Radvision's Technology Business Unit
Spirent extends its test capabilities with the addition of proven Voice over LTE and Voice and Video over IP software solutions

06/18/2014 - Spirent First to Show 400G Ethernet Test Solution
New 400Gbps Solution, Showcased Live at Events in North America and China, Delivers Performance and Functional Testing

06/16/2014 - Spirent Avalanche Virtual Helps NTT Communications Deliver Reliable and Secure Cloud Services to Enterprise Customers
Spirent's Testing-as-a-Service offering wins Best of Show Special Prize at Interop Tokyo 2014

05/01/2014 - Spirent Brings New Vulnerability Scanning and Load Testing on a Cloud-Based Platform for Web and Applications Developers
ArmorHub and Blitz.io make Website and Application development fun, easy and inexpensive for anyone with a web presence

04/16/2014 - Spirent Enables GPS, Multi-GNSS Integration in Consumer Devices with New Entry Level Test System
Spirent's expanded GSS6300M range offers compelling features, performance and pricing to help integrate positioning and navigation functions into new technologies

04/04/2014 - Spirent Avalanche NEXT Wins Best of Interop 2014 Award
Spirent solution recognized for making application performance load testing capabilities accessible for traditional IT

03/31/2014 - Spirent Demonstrates Industry's First Open Framework Cloud Test Platform with Wedge Networks' Next-Generation Network Security Solution
Joint demo at Interop Las Vegas 2014 showcases cloud-based virtual lab environment for SDN/NFV testing

03/31/2014 - Spirent Introduces the First Open Framework Based Cloud Test Platform for SDN/NFV Testing
The new Spirent Velocity offers a virtual lab environment for rapid development and validation of SDN/NFV technologies and deployments

03/11/2014 - Spirent Helps Advance Ultra-High Bandwidth Networking with Support for High Density 100G Test Solution with CFP4 Transceivers
Spirent and Finisar participate in joint interoperability demonstration at Ethernet Alliance booth during OFC 2014 to showcase CFP4 Capabilities

01/14/2014 - Huawei Selects Spirent for Performance and Scale Testing of Latest Data Center Solution
Spirent TestCenter used to validate Huawei CE12816 Data Center Switch performance in the largest-scale TRILL-based Full Mesh test of 768 10G Ethernet ports

12/17/2013 - Spirent Delivers Powerful Virtual Network Testing for SDN/OpenFlow across OFELIA Environment
Spirent TestCenter Virtual Helps Validate the Performance and Scale of SDN, OpenFlow and NFV Technologies

11/19/2013 - Spirent Names Interlink Communication Systems the US Distribution Partner for New Enterprise
Spirent Axon Lets Resellers Build Comprehensive Network Performance Management and Managed Service Offerings

11/18/2013 - SCinet 2013 Multi-Technology Network Tested with Spirent Federal
Live Network Test Showcases Performances of 10/40/100G Ethernet Links

10/30/2013 - Spirent Hosts ONF Fall Plugfest to TEst SDN and OpenFlow Vendor Interoperability

10/21/2013 - Spirent Solutions Test Performance and Scale of Huawi's Core Routers
Spirent, Huawei join EANTC to showcase the industry's first public 400G per slot fully loaded core router test

09/10/2013 - Spirent Develops Advanced Testing Platform Based on Intel Atom Processor c2000
Eight Core Processor Helps Deliver Higher Performance, Scale with Lower Power Requirements

09/10/2013 - Spirent Avalanche Next Helps Application - Aware Networks Deliver Outstanding Performance, Security, and Scalability
New solution delivers unmatched security testing capabilities that save time and effort without compromising the quality of the test results

08/26/2013 - Spirent and Net Optics Bring Industry Leading Virtualization Visibility with Maximum Network Performance
Joint Partnership Showcases Successful Approach for Defending Against Intense Attack Levels across Virtualized Network without Impact on Quality of Experience

07/08/2013 - Spirent Solutions Demonstrates OpenFlow 1.3 Interoperability at Interop Tokyo 2013
Spirent TestCenter Validates Performance of Multiple OpenFlow 1.3 Controllers during ShowNet Display

06/24/2013 - Spirent Introduces Industry's Highest HTTP Rate Tester for Security and Performance Assessment
Avalanche ESP tests performance for up to 8.5 million web connections per second - more than double the capability of existing solutions

06/20/2013 - Spirent Introduces Support for OpenFlow 1.3 to Help Advance Testing of SDN Controllersand Switches
Spirent TestCenter used in ONF PlugFest, assesses readiness of SDN to scale to millions of flow entries

06/06/2013 - Spirent Launches New Multi-Frequency GNSS Record and Playback System
Powerful yet portable system supports new constellations, such as BeiDou, and new frequencies to improve performance testing of positioning systems

05/07/2013 - Network Test Selects Spirent for Testing Reliability and Scale of HP Enterprise Fabric Solutions
Spirent TestCenter used to validate 128 ports of 40G Ethernet, demonstrating industry-leading scale and low-latency data center performance

05/01/2013 - Spirent Unveils Hardware that Pushes the Limits of Performance, Scale, and Realism for Testing Next-Generation Carrier Networks and Data Centers
New 10/40/100G test modules double port density and lower the cost of ownership

04/08/2013 - Spirent Demonstrates Support for CFP2 100G Optical Transceiver Modules
Finisar's 100GE-LR4 CFP2 transceiver plugs into Spirent 100G test module

03/18/2013 - Spirent Tests Carrier Ethernet, IPv6 and SDN in EANTC Interoperability
EANTC Utilizes Spirent TestCenter during MPLS Ethernet World Congress

03/12/2013 - Next Generation VoLTE Devices Offer Significant Battery Life Improvement
A new study by Spirent shows significant improvement in battery performance for VoLTE calls over first generation devices

02/27/2013 - Spirent Adds Support for Malware Testing with Realistic Threat Assesment
With Spirent Studio and Spirent Avalanche, companies are better able to test malware handling capabilities of network security devices

02/21/2013 - Signals Research Group's New LTE Chipset Benchmark Study Highlights Wide Variance in Performance
SRG uses Spirent solution to test data performance of eight LTE baseband chipsets

02/20/2013 - Spirent Announces Industry-Leading Mobile Experience Test Solution For Voice Over LTE Quality and Video Chat Performance
Innovative New Approach Measures VoLTE and Video Chat Performance from the Subscriber Perspective

02/06/2013 - Spirent Enhances Application Realism and Security Testing Functionality of Spirent mX
Spirent Studio Capabilities added to Spirent mX module

01/29/2013 - New Spirent Axon Empowers Enterprises to Deploy it Applications and Services Quickly and with Confidence
The first network and application testing platform to make robust testing easy and affordable for IT teams everywhere

12/05/2012 - Spirent Advances Cost Effective Adoption of SDN/OpenFlow with Industry's First Open source Conformance Test Suite
Spirent Collaborates with Indiana University' InCNTRE to Develop Open Source OpenFlow Conformance Test Suite

12/03/2012 - EANTC Uses Spirent Solutions for Carrier Ethernet Testing and Interoperability Demonstration
Multi-Vendor Testing Effort at 2012 Carrier Ethernet World Congress Series Uses Spirent Equipment to Validate Timing, Synchronization and MPLS for Carrier Ethernet

11/27/2012 - Spirent Puts SCinet Multi-100G Network to the Test
Spirent Supports Ethernet Alliance's Multi-Technology 10G/40G Interoperability Demonstration at SC12

11/13/2012 - Spirent Participates in Isocore Multi-Vendor MPLS Testing Event
Spirent Solutions Used to Demonstrate Interoperability of NextGen Multicast VPNs, MPLS-TP, SDN and IPv6 Transition Techniques

11/13/2012 - Frost & Sullivan Names Spirent Communications the Global Leader in Ethernet Testing
Spirent Expands Ethernet Testing Market Share; Focus on Innovation, Comprehensive Portfolio of Solutions and Global Reach Were Key Contributors, Says Frost & Sullivan

10/02/2012 - Spirent and ETS-Lindgren Collaborate to Advance A-GPS Performance For LTE Smartphones
First Commercial Solution for LTE A-GPS OTA Testing Compliant with CTIA's 3.2 OTA Test Plan

09/20/2012 - New Spirent Solution Improves Test Lab Asset Management and Productivity for Operators and Equipment Vendors
Spirent iTest Lab Optimizer Enhances Test Resource Utilization and Time-to-Test

09/06/2012 - Spirent Communications PLC signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Metrico Wireless, Inc.
Addition of Metrico's Mobile Device Testing as a Service ("TaaS") Expertise Strengthens Spirent's End-to-End Test Portfolio

08/02/2012 - Spirent and Napatech Live 40G Demo at GFirst
Demonstration at the upcoming 2012 GFirst conference

07/10/2012 - LG U+ Uses SPirent for Terabit Capacity Router Testing
South Korean LTE Service Provider Uses Spirent to Validate Quality of Service (QoS) and IPv4/IPv6 Performance of High Speed Routers

06/19/2012 - Spirent Launches Unified Platform with Unprecedented Performance, Scale and Application Realism
Spirent TestCenter C100 brings together application performance, mobility and security testing on a converged, high-performance appliance platform

06/12/2012 - BV ADT Selects Spirent for MIMO Over-the-Air (OTA) Testing
Award-winning Spirent VR5 HD Spatial Channel Emulator Gains Global Market Share

06/04/2012 - Spirent Tests the Performance and Scale of HP Enterprise Routers for Campus and Branch Network Environments
Testing Ensures Routers Deliver Quality of Experience for Campus and Remote Users

05/10/2012 - Spirent Offers Cloud Infrastructure Testing Solutions for HP Cloud Services Ecosystem
Spirent Enables Enterprises to Validate Performance, Availability, Security and Scale of Virtualized Network Infrastructure and Applications Deployed in the Cloud

05/09/2012 - Gnodal Selects Spirent for Low-Latency Data Center Switch Fabric Testing
Gnodal Demonstrates Low-Latency Performance of its GS-Series Data Center Switch using Spirent TestCenter at Interop Las Vegas 2012

05/08/2012 - Spirent Launches Powerful Solution for Testing Application-Aware Mobile Networks and Security
Integrating Spirent Landslide and Studio Enables Highly-Capable Testing of Mobile Network Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability

05/08/2012 - CETECOM Selects Spirent Test Solutions for Verizon Wireless LTE Device Acceptance Testing
Two Industry Leaders Partner in Testing of LTE & CDMA Devices

05/08/2012 - Spirent Launches Industry's First Integrated Openflow Benchmark Test Solution for High Speed Ethernet Networks
Spirent advances SDN/OpenFlow testing with in-depth flow analysis for interoperability testing of applications

05/07/2012 - Spirent Extends LTE Solution with TD-LTE Conformance Testing
Comprehensive Performance, Operator Acceptance and Conformance Testing Now in a Single Platform

04/30/2012 - Spirent Crowns the UK's Networks Heroes
2012 Awards launched

04/20/2012 - Spirent Communications Plc Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire MU Dynamics, Inc.
Combined Expertise to Serve the Market for High Performance, Secure Deployments of Cloud Services and Application-Aware Networks

03/26/2012 - Cambridge Industries Group Drives Research & Development Test Efficiencies with Spirent Solution
Cambridge Industries Group leverages Spirent iTest® automation solution to reduce development overhead costs, improve product build times and reduce time-to-market

03/06/2012 - Spirent Puts Performance and Scale of Juniper Networks QFabric Data Center Networking Solution to the Test
Any-to-Any Connectivity and Low-Latency Data Center Performance

02/28/2012 - Spirent TestCenter Voted by Communications Industry Peers as the Best Testing Platform
Spirent Receives Test & Measurement World Magazine's 2012 Test of Time Award, Recognized for Providing Industry's Highest Performance in Testing

02/28/2012 - West Coast Labs and Spirent Collaborate to Define Cyber Security Test Methodology
Leading Independent Test Lab Leverages Spirent Avalanche to Validate Performance of Network Security Devices for Security Technology Developers and Corporate Enterprises

02/27/2012 - Spirent Enables Mobile Operators to Monitor Performance of Bandwidth Intensive Application
Spirent TestCenter Live Delivers End-to-End Application Performance Monitoring from Mobile Devices to the Application Servers

02/27/2012 - Spirent First in the Industry to Put Performance of Wi-Fi Offload Gateways to the Test
Solution Enables Mobile Operators to Reduce Network Costs, Boost Quality of Experience

02/21/2012 - Spirent Expands Leadership in Testing 3911 and Location Based Services for LTE Networks
Enabling E911 and Moving One Step Closer to Accurate Everywhere Location

02/07/2012 - PCTEST Enhances LTE Testing Capabilities with Additional Spirent Equipment
Expanding Automated Mobile Device testing Capabilities

01/17/2012 - Crossbeam and Spirent Partner to Define Real-World Security Test Methodology for Mobile Network Operators
First Ever Tests – Validated by EANTC – Emulated More than a Million Subscribers Using Smartphones and Tablets, Provide Guidance for Building More Secure Mobile Networks

12/13/2011 - Frost & Sullivan Names Spirent the Global Leader in Ethernet and Cloud Infrastructure Test Equipment Markets
Spirent's Focus on Innovation, Comprehensive Portfolio of Solutions and Global Reach Are Key Contributors to Market Leadership, Says Frost & Sullivan

12/02/2011 - Spirent Federal Celebrates 10 Years of Achievement
Advancing Communication & GPS/GNSS Testing for the Civilian Government and Military

11/15/2011 - Spirent Introduces New Field Management Application Increases Compliance, Efficiency of For In-Home Service Turn-Up and Testing
Spirent Field Management System for the Tech-X Flex Provides Seamless Back-office Integration, and Visibility Between Any Field Test Set, Technician, and Operations Management

11/15/2011 - Leading MSO Selects Spirent's Service Assurance Solution for Nationwide Ethernet Business Services and Mobile Backhaul Network
Spirent TestCenter Live to Provide Performance Monitoring, Test & Diagnostics Capabilities Enabling Faster Service Turn up and Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS)

11/14/2011 - Spirent Recognized for Helping Network Operators Overcome Critical Challenges in the Ethernet Services Lifecycle
Spirent TestCenter Live Receives High Rating in Broadband Technology Report's Diamond Technology Reviews

11/08/2011 - New Agreement Ensures Successful Network Applications Delivery for Enterprise and Cloud Services
New Spirent/iTrinegy agreement offers enterprises and cloud providers a complete solution to de-risk network and cloud migrations and deployment

11/07/2011 - cPacket Receives $1 Million Grant to Enable Secure 100 Gigabit Networks
Addresses Increasing Need for Securing Critical High Speed Government Networks and Commercial Data Center Applications

10/24/2011 - Spirent Ensures Performance and Scalability of 4G/LTE Networks
Latest Spirent HyperMetrics mX Addresses 4G Network Challenges of Mobility, Application Performance, Interoperability and Mobile Backhaul

10/24/2011 - Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories Selects Spirent for Mobile Backhaul Network Testing
Taiwan's Largest Carrier uses Spirent TestCenter to Validate Performance and Application Quality of Experience of its Mobile Backhaul Network

10/24/2011 - Spirent Announces New Testing Technology Bundles for Mobile Device Designers
CS8 Wireless Device Design Tester Addresses Needs of Developers

10/19/2011 - Spirent Advances MPLS-TP and Mobile Backhaul Testing Trhough Isocore Interoperability Effort
Participation in MPLS 2011 Testing Demonstrates Continued Commitment to and Success in Enabling Next-Generation MPLS Applications

10/17/2011 - Spirent Adds QZSS Support to it's Multi-GNSS Simulation Platform
Spirent enhances the ability to meet the future testing needs of GNSS devices

10/11/2011 - CONNEXUS Ecosystem Unveils Architecture That Highlights New Possibilities For Monetizing OTT Video Traffic
Collaboration between Avvasi, BroadHop, CommProve and Spirent Communications enables service providers to reclaim relevance in OTT value chain

10/03/2011 - Spirent Test Solution Validates Network Elements and Architecture in Juniper Networks' Cloud Virtualization Environment
Spirent TestCenter Virtual Enables Network Designers to Test within the Junosphere Cloud

09/26/2011 - Spirent Communications Salutes the UK'S Unsung Network Heroes
Network Heroes Award Winners Selected by Independent Panel of Experts as the Best and Brightest in the World of Networking

09/20/2011 - Arcom, Spirent Partner to Offer Test Solutions to Cable and Telecom Providers, and Enterprises in the Canadian Market
Value-Added Reseller to Bring Spirent TestCenter Live, Other Solutions to Canadian Customers

09/15/2011 - Alcatel-Lucent Tests World's First 400 G Network Processor with Spirent's High Speed Ethernet Test Solution
Alcatel-Lucent uses Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics mX 40/100G to validate the scale and performance of its FP3 Processor in initial public demonstrations

09/07/2011 - Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Huawei, Solana and Spirent Showcase Shortest Path Bridging Interoperability
Industry-First Test Shows SPB Readiness for Large Multi-Vendor Deployments

08/24/2011 - SGS Chooses Spirent for LTE Device Performance Testing
Spirent 8100 System Commissioned at New SGS Laboratory

08/23/2011 - Corero Selects Spirent to Validate Performance and Reliability of Security Solutions
Spirent Tests Network Intrusion Prevention and Distributed Denial of Service Defense Systems

08/22/2011 - Spirent Selected to Test IT Infrastructure of South Korea's Sejong City
South Korea's Telecommunications Technology Association Picks Spirent Test Solutions to Benchmark Network Performance across Sejong City

08/03/2011 - nPulse Technologies Utilizes Spirent Federal for Network Traffic Generation
Spirent TestCenter™ used to demonstrate 20Gbps capture performance

07/28/2011 - Spirent and Symmetricom to Address Critical Timing, Synchronization Issues Associated with Ethernet Mobile Backhaul
Spirent Joins the SyncWorld™ Ecosystem Program as a Communications Test & Measurement Partner

07/26/2011 - Japan's Largest Internet Exchange Provider Leverages Spirent Solutions for 100G Ethernet Testing
Internet Multifeed Co. Uses Spirent TestCenter in Country's First 100G Ethernet Internet Exchange Point Interoperability Test

07/12/2011 - Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories Selects Spirent for Cloud Security Testing
Taiwan's Largest Carrier Selects Spirent for Cloud Infrastructure and Application Security Testing

06/30/2011 - Spirent Receives Best of Interop Tokyo Award for High Speed Ethernet Solution
Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics mX 40/100G Ethernet Module Recognized for Increasing Test Port Density and Advanced Functionality

06/20/2011 - Spirent helps service providers overcome operational challenges of Ethernet mobile backhaul migration
Enhanced approach to testing and performance monitoring of IP services in the mobile backhaul improves operational efficiencies and reduces costs

06/20/2011 - Spirent Helps Service Providers Overcome Operational Challenge of Ethernet Mobile Backhaul Migration
Enhanced Approach to Testing and Performance Monitoring of IP Services in the Mobile Backhaul Improves Operational Efficiencies and Reduces Costs

05/26/2011 - Spirent Solutions Receive 2011 NGN Leadership Award
Spirent iTest, Spirent HyperMetrics neXt, Spirent VR5 HD Recognized for Work in Advancing NGN Services, Technologies

05/18/2011 - Sandvine Selects Spirent
Sandvine chooses Spirent for Mobile Core Testing of Network Policy Control

05/17/2011 - Spirent Showcases Successful LTE/UMTS Mobility Testing with Icera
Spirent eAirAccess Proves Out LTE/UMTS Roaming Test Capability Using Icera Espresso® 410

05/17/2011 - Spirent Wins Test & Measurement World's 2011 Best in Test Award
Magazine Readers and Editors Honor Spirent's Mobile Backhaul Test Solution

05/17/2011 - Alcatel-Lucent and Spirent Demonstrate Highest Scalability and Performance of LTE Mobile Gateways Supporting Millions of Subscribers
Testing LTE Serving Gateway, Packet Data Network Gateway Configurations, Alcatel-Lucent Uses Spirent Solution to Demonstrate Highest Throughput to Date

05/16/2011 - Spirent Recognized for Accomplishments in LTE Wireless Device Testing
Multiple Organizations, Publications Recognize Spirent for Solutions that Help to Advance the Industry

05/12/2011 - Spirent Demonstrates Industry's First NTAF Specification-Based Testing Product at Interop 2011
Demonstration Shows Commitment to and Endorsement of Open Standards in Test Automation

05/11/2011 - Spirent, Extreme Networks Team to Demonstrate Performance of Industry's Open Fabric Data Center Solutions
Extreme Networks Leverages Spirent Data Center Testing Solution to Demonstrate Switch Performance at 20 Terabits Traffic Rate

05/11/2011 - Spirent Brings Efficient Troubleshooting Test Solutions to Enterprises with cPacket Networks Real-Time Monitoring Switches
New Smart Filtering Test Tool Increases Efficient Troubleshooting with Spirent Test Center Live

05/10/2011 - Icera Selects Spirent for Testing of Advanced Receivers in UMTS/HSPA+ Devices
Spirent Solution Enables Automated Testing of Advanced Receiver Designs for Next-Generation UMTS/ HSPA+ Devices

05/10/2011 - Spirent Puts the Reality of Cloud Infrastructure and Application Performance to the Test
Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics neXt Reduces Cost of Testing by More than 70 Percent by Optimizing Testing Resources

05/09/2011 - University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory Partners with Spirent to Test Network Protection Devices
Independent Government Accredited Lab to Use Spirent's Avalanche™ for High Performance Security Testing

05/06/2011 - Spirent Achieves 'Ready for IBM Rational' Software Validation
Spirent iTest 'Ready for Rational' Integration Enables Test Optimization to Accelerate Deployment of New Products and Services

05/04/2011 - Spirent Showcases the Reality of Cloud and Data Center Network Performance at Interop 2011
Company Participates in Live Demonstration at Customer, Partner Booths; Spirent Addresses Attendees at Carrier Cloud Forum

05/03/2011 - Net Optics Leverages Spirent to Validate Latest Virtualized Network Monitoring Tool
Spirent Solutions Test, Measure Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability of Network Monitoring Product

05/03/2011 - Signals Research Group Uses Spirent Testing Solution to Reveal Significant Differences in HSPA+ Chipset Performance
Benchmark testing of HSPA and HSPA+ chipsets and devices from nine leading suppliers uncovers important performance differences that impact mobile subscriber experience

04/28/2011 - Napatech and Spirent Communications Demonstrate 40G Virtualized Data Center Performance at Interop
The need to expand data center capacity is driving the adoption of 40 GbE and virtualization

04/06/2011 - China Mobile Selects Spirent for Fibre Channel Switch Testing
Spirent Solutions Used to Evaluate Leading Vendors' Fibre Channel Switches

03/30/2011 - CETECOM Selects Spirent Communications for Location Technology Conformance Testing
First laboratory to offer SUPL 2.0 conformance testing

03/23/2011 - Spirent and ETS-Lindgren Collaborate to Advance Mobile Device RF Testing
New Alliance Streamlines MIMO Over-the-Air Testing

03/15/2011 - Spirent Innovation Reduces Complexity of MIMO Testing
New One-Box Solution Emulates LTE, LTE-Advanced Scenarios

03/15/2011 - Spirent Selected by Crossbeam to Test Performance of its Network Security Platform
Leading Provider Relies on Spirent Security Solution for Simulation of Real-World Threat Activities and Attacks

03/08/2011 - Spirent Tests High Speed Ethernet Technologies for the Cloud
Spirent Participates in Ethernet Alliance Multi-Vendor Interoperability Demonstration, Speaks on Future of High Speed Ethernet at OFC/NFOEC 2011

03/01/2011 - Spirent Participates in EANTC Multi-Vendor Test to Demonstrate Interoperability of Latest Advances in MPLS and Carrier Ethernet
Spirent TestCenter Leveraged for Testing at Industry's Largest MPLS and Carrier Ethernet Interoperability Event

02/15/2011 - Spirent Announces Major Innovation in LTE MIMO Testing
MIMO Over-The-Air Environment Builder Simplifies Complex LTE Device Testing

02/15/2011 - Spirent and Bluetest Collaborate to Advance Mobile Device RF Testing
Collaboration Focuses on Reducing Time and Cost of Testing

02/14/2011 - Spirent Enables Wireless Operators and Mobile Device Vendors to Successfully Launch Location-Based Services (LBS) on LTE Devices
Spirent Releases Industry's First Lab-Based Test Solutions to Accelerate Deployment of LBS on LTE Devices

02/14/2011 - Spirent Announces Major Innovation in LTE MIMO Testing
MIMO Over-The-Air Environment Builder Simplifies Complex LTE Device Testing

02/14/2011 - Spirent Communications plc Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire The Fanfare Group, Inc.
Test Automation Expertise Enables Customers to Reduce Costs and Improve Time to Market in the Face of Rapid Convergence

02/09/2011 - Spirent Puts Mobile Internet Performance to the Test
Next-Generation Architecture Tests Performance of Cloud Data Centers, Mobile Broadband and Application Experience

01/25/2011 - Spirent Communications Awarded Frost & Sullivan's Product Line Strategy of the Year for Wireless Test Equipment
Spirent's Breadth of Product Line, Impact on Customer Value Considered Industry's Best

12/14/2010 - Spirent Receives 2010 4GWE LTE Visionary Award
Spirent eAirAccess recognized for its role in advancing the development of LTE technologies

12/13/2010 - Spirent Solution Identifies Smartphone Performance Issues from Voice, Data and Location Service Interaction
New Test Capability Helps Ensure a Positive End User Experience of Smartphones in the Presence of Multiple Simultaneous Services

11/15/2010 - Spirent Helps Advance Ethernet Technologies in High Performance Computing Environments
Spirent Participates in Ethernet Alliance Multi-Vendor Interoperability Demo, Speaks on High Performance Cloud Computing at SC10

11/15/2010 - Spirent Demonstrates Interoperability with NTAF Test Automation Framework
Spirent helps NTAF achieve major milestone towards open automation specification

11/09/2010 - New Spirent MIMO Test Solution Configuration Helps the Industry Deliver on the Promise of TD-LTE
Leading network equipment manufacturer selects Spirent SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator for testing advanced TD-LTE base stations

11/02/2010 - Spirent Verifies Global Carrier Ethernet Network Interconnectivity and Service Performance across Multiple Service
Results of Carrier Ethernet Interconnect Demonstration Shows Significant Progress in ENNI Implementations and Highlights Challenges of Service Provisioning

11/01/2010 - Students and Industry to Benefit From Spirent Expertise at the University of Ljubljana
Spirent solutions selected for world-class telecommunications test lab

10/27/2010 - New Tool from Spirent Helps to Reduce Drive Testing Costs
Virtual Drive Test-Conversion Tool enables replication of real-world drive testing conditions in the lab

10/25/2010 - Spirent Helps Nokia Siemens Networks Verify Its Evolved Packet Core Solution Is Best-in-Class
Nokia Siemens Networks validates performance, scalability and reliability of its Flexi NG evolved packet core gateway with Spirent Landslide

10/20/2010 - Netherlands' Largest Cable Operator Selects Spirent to Validate Service Availability and Backbone Performance
Spirent's Performance and Diagnostic Test Solution Enables Ziggo to Address Operational Service Availability, Quality Issues

10/12/2010 - Leading e-Commerce Provider, Alibaba, Selects Spirent for Cloud Computing Testing
Alibaba Cloud Computing used Spirent TestCenter™ to conduct a large scale test of its data center and cloud services infrastructure

10/11/2010 - Huawei Selects Spirent to Test HSPA+ User Devices
Spirent Solutions Help Ensure Huawei Delivers High-Performance HSPA+ Data Cards

10/07/2010 - Spirent Recognized for Innovative Technology by Leading Industry Analysts and Media
Spirent receives two Technology Leadership Awards at NetEvents EMEA Press Summit 2010

10/06/2010 - Spirent Teams Up with Drexel University to Expand Research into Advanced Wireless Antenna Technologies
Spirent's SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator Used by University’s Wireless Systems Laboratory

09/30/2010 - Performance and Operational Challenges of the IP Backhaul can Compromise New Mobile Data Services Delivery
Mobile data communications growth poses huge technology and operational challenges for the mobile backhaul network and can impact service quality, says Spirent

09/27/2010 - "Yes - We Can Secure the Cloud" Claims New Test Report
Independent lab test confirms that security in virtualized data center and cloud computing environments is both possible and measurable

07/20/2010 - Spirent Verifies LTE to CDMA Handover to Ensure Seamless Service Experience on New Generation of Mobile Networks
Functionality Enables Seamless Mobility of LTE Multi-Mode Devices

07/13/2010 - Spirent Receives Interop Tokyo 2010 Shownet Grand Prix Award
Spirent Successfully Tests 100G Ethernet Links between NTT Communications and Interop Tokyo Shownet

06/15/2010 - Spirent Stands Behind China Telecom's High-speed 3G Rollout
Spirent Solution Used to Assess Performance of EV-DO Rev. B Mobile Devices

06/08/2010 - Spirent Improves LBS Coverage, Accessibility on Mobile Devices with Industry's First Wi-Fi Positioning Test Solution
New Spirent Solution Addresses the Rapidly-Growing Demand for Validating Wi-Fi Positioning Performance of Mobile Devices

05/06/2010 - Spirent Receives Best of Interop Award in Performance Optimization Category
Spirent Avalanche Virtual Recognized for Innovation in Performance Optimization, Evolving Business Technology of Cloud Computing

04/28/2010 - Spirent Advances Data Center Deployments with 40G Ethernet Testing
Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics™ Leads 40G Ethernet Testing Market in Innovation, Cost Efficiency

04/27/2010 - Spirent Puts Live Private and Public Cloud Computing Networks to the Test at Interop
Spirent Changes the Cloud Computing Conversation to Focus on Performance, Impact of Enterprise Applications Rather Than Simply Economics

04/27/2010 - Spirent Enables CIOS to Realize the Promise of Cloud Computing
Spirent Offers the Industry's First Holistic Cloud Computing Testing Methodology

04/21/2010 - Spirent Guarantees Application Performance and Security of Cloud Services
Spirent Avalanche Virtual, Best of Interop 2010 Finalist, Measures Impact of Cloud-based Applications on User Quality of Experience in Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Architectures

04/12/2010 - Spirent Communications Validates Advanced Carrier Ethernet Interconnects Across Eight European Service Providers
Spirent TestCenter™ Exclusive Test System for Carrier Ethernet Interconnect Demonstration of MEF Specifications for ENNI and Multi-Provider Class of Service

03/24/2010 - Novatel Wireless, Spirent, AT4 Collaborate to Advance LTE Device Testing
The Spirent 8100 LTE RF Performance test solution delivers a unique multi-technology, multi-cell capability that enables all aspects of LTE multi-mode device performance to be fully tested in the lab.

03/23/2010 - Spirent Ensures Performance in Ethernet Mobile Backhaul
Spirent TestCenter Mobile Backhaul improves test cycle times and reduces the overall cost of testing. With Intelligent Results, test engineers are alerted to system problems to easily replicate and troubleshoot issues in real-time.

03/23/2010 - Spirent's LTE Test Solutions Validate Performance from Mobile Packet Core, through the Mobile Backhaul and the RF Network to the Subscriber Device
Performance testing is fundamental to the LTE ecosystem's ability to seamlessly deliver a full range of voice, data and media services.

03/16/2010 - Spirent to Drive Process, Cost Efficiencies in Test Automation
Spirent Brings to NTAF its Unique Customer-Centric, Device-Agnostic Approach to Promote Test Product Collaboration and Interoperability

02/15/2010 - Mobile Operators Discover the Full Potential of Ethernet with Spirent's New Testing & Monitoring Solution
Spirent TestCenter Live provides simultaneous on-demand testing and proactive, 24x7 performance monitoring on a single probe.

02/15/2010 - Spirent Landslide Nominated for Global Mobile Award for Technology Advancements to Mobile Network Infrastructure
Spirent Landslide provides test coverage for new LTE deployments and validates performance of existing technologies such as WiMAX, UMTS, GPRS and CDMA2000.

02/12/2010 - Spirent and EANTC Collaborate to Demonstrate Interoperability and Performance of Latest Advances in MPLS and Carrier Ethernet
Spirent TestCenter and Spirent xGEM supported several key test cases including IP/MPLS Multicast services, IPv6 BGP/MPLS VPNs, performance monitoring loss and delay, and video traffic.

02/09/2010 - Spirent's Device Testing Solutions Help Mobile Operators Deliver on the Promise of LTE
The Spirent 8100 features unique capabilities such as powerful enhanced packet core (EPC) emulation for simultaneous support of multi-technology (LTE, CDMA/EV-DO, UMTS), multi-cell networks.

01/21/2010 - Verizon Wireless Chooses Spirent to Provide Testing Solutions for the Certification of LTE Devices
Any organization considering offering devices on the upcoming Verizon Wireless LTE network can use these tools in preparation for device certification by independent labs.

11/17/2009 - Spirent Enhances Data Center Performance Benchmarking with New Fibre Channel Test Module
Today Spirent introduced the Spirent HyperMetrics 2/4/8Gb Fibre Channel test module. By leveraging a holistic, unified test system, data center operators, network equipment vendors and system integrators can test every aspect of tomorrow’s converged networks pre and post deployment.

10/19/2009 - Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies Selects Spirent Federal for Multiplay Testing
Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies, a provider of tactical voice and data networking solutions for military communications, has selected Spirent TestCenter to validate its latest offering, the PacketAssure iQ Series Service Delivery Managers.

09/23/2009 - Telecom Operator-Led HGI Selects Spirent Communications for Multiplay Quality of Service Testing
Spirent will enable HGI to determine the mean performances of home gateways through measuring throughput and latency for different Ethernet-based WAN and LAN configurations.

09/22/2009 - Spirent Communications Puts Innovation to the Test at Carrier Ethernet World Congress
Spirent TestCenter along with Spirent XGEM enabled the participants to determine if the latest Carrier Ethernet innovations can support carrier class managed Ethernet services.

09/08/2009 - Leading Service Providers Depend on Spirent Communications to Accelerate Successful 10 Gigabit Ethernet Deployments
Already deployed by three of the largest service providers in the United States, the Spirent QoS Scope 7500 validates the performance of complex 10G and 1G Ethernet services such as business Ethernet and wireless backhaul.

09/08/2009 - Spirent Communications Drives Innovation in High Speed Ethernet with New 40/100G Ethernet Test System
Designed to test the performance and scalability of 40/100G Ethernet systems and services, the new module goes beyond test port density to focus on application realism, accuracy and performance per port, reducing operational expenses and total cost of ownership.

09/02/2009 - Carriers Confidently Deliver Multiplay Services into the Home with Advanced Local Loop and FTTN Test Modules from Spirent Communications
The new wideband copper and ADSL/VDSL2 modules provide a solution that enables service providers to confidently roll out new services with fewer quality issues and complaints.

08/20/2009 - Spirent Communications and AT4 Wireless Collaboration Results in Industry First for LTE Device Testing
The Spirent LTE Network Emulator delivers a unique multi-technology, multi-cell capability that enables all aspects of LTE multi-mode device performance to be fully tested in the lab.

08/18/2009 - China Telecom Selects Spirent Communications for Mobile Terminal Testing
Spirent C2K-ATS system is the de facto industry standard for CDMA and EV-DO testing. Nearly 100 percent of the CDMA and EV-DO mobile device designs deployed in the world today have been tested on this system.

08/13/2009 - Cisco's Medianet Solution Benchmarked by Spirent Communications in Industry's Largest Public 1GigE and 10GigE IPTV Test
Spirent's suite of testing solutions enabled Cisco to assess true network performance under real-world conditions, to measure video quality, and to compare the results to Cisco's own video monitoring capabilities, helping the vendor deliver the highest QoE.

08/12/2009 - Spirent Communications Validates Video Performance of Industry's First Live Global Interconnection Demonstration
Spirent's Video Quality Analyzer on the Spirent TestCenter was chosen to emulate high-bandwidth, interactive video services, assess QoS delivery and generate QoE reports from hundreds of video quality metrics.

08/11/2009 - Spirent Communications Selected to Evaluate H3C's 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet Data Center Core Switch Platform
Spirent TestCenter™ was selected specifically to test forwarding performance of the first data center class core switch based on a 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) platform.

08/04/2009 - Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Spirent Communications as the Global Market Leader for Ethernet Testing
This award underscores Spirent's unmatched Ethernet testing expertise that extends from the lab with product development and verification, to the field for service assurance and to the in-home network.

06/30/2009 - Spirent Communications Redefines Test Lab Automation, Simplifies and Streamlines Testing Process
Spirent NoCode is a suite of capabilities which streamlines the efforts associated with managing physical infrastructure, integrating and configuring the test environment, authoring and executing test cases, as well as orchestrating entire test campaigns.

06/29/2009 - Spirent Communications and MRV Expand Partnership by Adding Power Management to Automated Lab Testing Solution
Using MRV's physical layer switch at the foundation, Spirent's lab solution eliminates cable manipulation to reduce test cycle time, enable remote test set up and operation and improve test lab throughput.

06/25/2009 - Spirent TestCenter™ and eXtremeDB™ Redefine Database Scalability
For large scale testing, Spirent TestCenter offers as many as 720 ports on a single rack—each with its own processor, Linux operating system, and eXtremeDB in-memory database—in a single Spirent TestCenter installation.

06/02/2009 - Spirent Communications, ServiceForce.com Collaborate to Advance Automation of Mobile Device Testing
Spirent's UTS is a chipset-independent architecture used to automate wireless device testing for UMTS, CDMA and EV-DO technologies. This collaborative effort makes it practical to incorporate test automation into a tool which physically manipulates mobile devices.

05/20/2009 - Spirent Communications Adds Vulnerability Assessment Testing to Spirent Avalanche™ Platform
This capability, also supported on Spirent TestCenter™, creates a unique product which tests the impact of almost any type of negative and attack traffic on networks and devices and simultaneously conducts comprehensive line rate layer 2-7 performance testing.

05/20/2009 - Spirent Communications Adds Industry's Most Advanced Scalable Application Protocol Emulation for Quality of Experience Testing
The new SAPEE revolutionizes testing layer 2-7 applications by allowing test engineers and system architects to easily build, import or recreate their own proprietary protocols and transactions with full editing and modification capabilities.

05/19/2009 - Spirent Communication's Holistic Testing Approach Prepares Enterprises for Dynamic, Terabit-Capacity Data Centers
Spirent data center testing solutions deliver the industry's only unified layer 2-7 test architecture for high performance, virtualized, eco-friendly networks.

05/19/2009 - Spirent OnDEMAND Data Center Testing Offers a Unified Suite of Services to Ensure Deployment of Green, High Availability Networks
With Spirent's OnDEMAND services, data center operators can ensure the highest possible return on their infrastructure investment while reducing the cost of service downtime by thoroughly testing performance against key metrics.

05/18/2009 - Fortune 1000 Companies and Leading Network Equipment Manufacturers Turn to Spirent Communication for Enterprise Network Testing
Frost & Sullivan Research Declares Spirent as the Market Leader in Enterprise Network Test & Measurement Solutions for Research and Evaluation Labs

05/12/2009 - Spirent Communications Advances Virtualization and Cloud Computing with Data Center Performance Testing
Spirent TestCenter™ Virtual delivers the power to architect high performance data center systems, mitigate risks of migration or consolidation of existing IT infrastructure, and optimize infrastructure utilization by testing performance in a multitude of real-world scenarios.

04/01/2009 - Spirent Communications Brings the Real World into the Wireless Test Lab
Spirent's new Fading Lab supplements the SR5500's existing real-time engine with a new "Fading Data Playback" engine. The Fading Lab engine converts data into a sample-accurate wireless RF environment. The text-based template allows the user to create any customized fading model imaginable.

03/24/2009 - RGB Networks Overcomes IPTV Complexities With Advanced Video Test Solutions From Spirent® Communications
The high density, multi-core architecture of Spirent TestCenter Hypermetrics provides scalability and performance along with the capability to reallocate processing power to conduct the complex testing associated with IPTV.

03/03/2009 - Core180 Selects Spirent Communications for Service Assurance Testing
Spirent REACT supports technologies such as analog special services, DS1/E1/DS3/E3, high-speed DSL and optical SONET networks in the world's largest and most complex data and voice networks.

02/23/2009 - Leading US Service Providers Depend on Spirent Communications to Successfully Deliver Ethernet-Based Business Solutions
All three carriers implemented Spirent's market leading, SmartSight and QoE Scope solutions to streamline service deployments and achieve critical business objectives.

02/23/2009 - Spirent® Communications and IneoQuest™ Join Forces to Improve Video Quality for Network Equipment Manufacturers
Spirent's market-leading deep and rich network testing suite when combined with the power of IneoQuest's bulk, live video test and analysis solutions, covers the entire Triple Play ecosystem, including encoders, multiplexers, routers, switches and set-top boxes.

02/11/2009 - Spirent® Communications Demonstrates Expertise for MPLS and Ethernet Testing at EANTC Interoperability Event
Spirent TestCenter™ as well as Spirent GEM Network and Impairment Emulators provided realistic and accurate performance metrics during extensive testing scenarios among multiple equipment manufacturers.

02/10/2009 - Signals Research Group Report Finds Dramatic Differences in 3G Chipset and Handset Performance Using Spirent® Communications Test System
For the HSPA data performance benchmark test, the Spirent 8100 was used to subject all the devices and chipsets to the exact same sets of network conditions, automatically repeating each test multiple times to generate statistically significant, objective results.

02/10/2009 - Spirent® Communications Adds New Features to Market-Leading Mobile Video Test Solution
Spirent VUE now offers a new Lip Sync test feature to measure audio-to-video synchronization errors associated with mobile video transmission. A new VUE-ADS configuration enables video user experience testing under a wider range of test conditions, including live network testing.

02/03/2009 - Spirent® Communications Powers Product Innovation With Industry's First Multidimensional Test Solution
HyperMetrics' high density, multi-core architecture delivers enhanced realism with scalability and performance, along with the capability to reallocate processing power to conduct realistic testing. The emphasis on performance and application realism, rather than just port density, enables test engineers to invest in a single solution.

11/19/2008 - Spirent Communications' New Security Testing Solution Enables Enterprises To Better Assess Network Security Risks
Spirent's Avalanche/290 is a portable load-testing solution that comprehensively tests Gigabit Ethernet Layer 4-7 application traffic with the testing functionality and capacity necessary for a large enterprise.

10/28/2008 - Spirent® Communications Validates IPTV and IMS Networks and Services at GMI 2008
Spirent Communications today announced its participation at GMI 2008, a global MultiService Forum (MSF) interoperability event. By supporting several test scenarios, Spirent is demonstrating key testing functionality over an IMS architecture, including end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) of VoIP calls, performance of emergency location-based applications such as E911 services, performance of the mobile core network and quality of IMS-based and non-IMS based IPTV delivery.

10/23/2008 - Industry's Largest 10 Gigabit Ethernet Test Conducted with Spirent® Communications
In a test involving a 256 port 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch, Spirent Communications successfully completed the industry’s largest-ever public 10 Gigabit Ethernet test. Supplying its Spirent TestCenter™ platform, the test demonstrates the company's leadership in validating next-generation Ethernet devices that power the Internet's continued expansion.

10/01/2008 - AT4 Wireless Selects Spirent® Communications for WIMAX Interoperability Test Lab
Buiding on more than a decade of wireless test leadership, Spirent has been selected by AT4 wireless to provide RF channel emulation capability to AT4 wireless' WiMAX interoperability lab. The lab will use Spirent SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulators to test the interoperability between commercial WiMAX infrastructure and WiMAX mobile devices.

09/30/2008 - Carriers and Systems Vendors Validate Next Generation Systems and Applications with Industry's First LTE Test Solution from Spirent® Communications
With the addition of Long Term Evolution (LTE) testing capabilities, Spirent Landslide now addresses all 4G standards, including WiMAX, HSPA, CDMA and UMTS. It also allows network equipment manufacturers to test hand-offs between different networks, which ensures subscribers have the smoothest and most uninterrupted experience as possible.

09/30/2008 - Carriers Overcome Complex Next-Generation Multi-Play Network and Multi-Platform Technology Testing with Spirent® Communications
The Spirent TestCenter 3000 Series modules offer end-to-end Layer 2-7 triple-play testing at line rate through a single gigabit port and are specially designed to provide network equipment manufacturers and service providers a robust and scalable test platform with a flexible user experience.

09/09/2008 - Spirent® Communications Expands Proof of Concept Labs to Establish Industry's First Global Network Test Bed
Spirent announces the launch of Spirent Proof of Concept (SPoC) Labs and Collaboration Centers in London and Beijing. These SPoC Labs feature a variety of pioneering Spirent test systems including Spirent TestCenter™ Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), as well as the Test Automation Alliance's (TAA) best-in-class advanced automation framework, Automation Continuum™.

07/15/2008 - Spirent® Communications Guides First Stage of University of Exeter's £5.5 million Next Generation Network Project
Spirent Communications is playing a crucial role in the first stage of the University of Exeter's three year £5.5 million cross-campus network upgrade. The University used Spirent TestCenter and Spirent Avalanche testing solutions to assess switching and routing capabilities of network systems offered by various vendors and to gauge the vendors' equipment and its capacity to handle multimedia traffic.

06/17/2008 - New Industry Alliance Advances Product Development and Service Deployment Productivity
Spirent Communications announces the formation of the Test Automation Alliance (TAA), an ecosystem of best-in-class testing companies focused on improving productivity across the entire telecom product development and service deployment life cycle.

6/16/2008 - Spirent® Empowers the Telecom Industry to Serve the Next Generation Customer
Spirent Communications today announced enhancements to Spirent Landslide making it the industry's first "services-centric" test system that takes next generation network (NGN) testing to a new level. This comprehensive end-to-end solution is specifically designed for the "Any Service over any Network on any Device, Anytime, Anywhere" subscriber world - a world where seamless mobility and service delivery are essential to satisfying the quality demands of the next generation customer.

4/14/2008 - Spirent First Test Vendor to Earn Carrier Ethernet Ecosystem Compatible Product Certification
Spirent Communications today announced that Spirent TestCenter, Spirent's innovative testing platform, attained the Nortel led Carrier Ethernet Ecosystem Compatible Product Certification. The certification was provided at the Nortel Innovation Center for Carrier Ethernet located on the company's Carling Campus in Ottawa, Ontario on January 31, 2007.

3/31/2008 - Spirent Federal Announces New Website
Spirent Federal Systems, a global provider of performance analysis and service management solutions and GPS and GNSS test equipment, announces the launch of its renovated website, www.spirentfederal.com. The new site showcases Spirent Federal's product lines: IP Network performance test equipment and GNSS simulation solutions. Developed with clients and potential clients in mind, the site is an innovative sales and service support center and a hub for key industry information.

3/25/2008 - Spirent® Enables Delivery of Reliable High Performance WiMAX Networks And Services
Spirent Communications today announced WiMAX testing capabilities on the Spirent Landslide test system. Built on an industry proven mobile packet core test platform, Spirent Landslide WiMAX Performance Test System provides equipment manufacturers and carriers the ability to deliver reliable next-generation wireless broadband networks and services.

1/16/2008 - Frost & Sullivan Awards Spirent® Communications for Excellence in Product Line Strategy in IMS Testing
Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT), a global provider of performance analysis and service management solutions, announced that it received the Frost & Sullivan Product Line Strategy Award for its leadership in the global IMS test and monitoring equipment market.

11/12/2007 - Fulcrum Microsystems Selects Spirent TestCenter™ For 10-Gigabit Ethernet Testing
Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT), a global provider of performance analysis and service management solutions, today announced that Fulcrum Microsystems, a fabless semiconductor company focused on developing low latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch/router chips for next-generation networking systems, has selected Spirent TestCenter's 10GBASE - CX4 test system.

10/30/2007 - Carriers And Network Equipment Vendors Leverage Spirent Test Systems For Next Generation Network Deployments
Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT), a global provider of performance analysis and service management solutions, today announced several new enhancements to its portfolio of next generation network testing solutions that ease deployments of converged networks and services. These include Packet Data Gateway (PDG) testing on Spirent Landslide and Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) protocol testing on Spirent Abacus 5000. These new features will be highlighted at Fall VON 2007 in Spirent's Hospitality Suite #157A.

10/29/2007 - More Than 330 Carriers And System Vendors Change The Way They Test With Spirent TestCenter
Sunnyvale, Calif. - (October 29, 2007) - Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT), a global provider of performance analysis and service management solutions, today announced that it's innovative testing platform, Spirent TestCenter%#153; has been adopted by more than 330 service providers, enterprises and network equipment manufacturers worldwide.

10/22/2007 - Alcatel Lucent Selects Spirent® Communications as Triple Play Test Systems Partner
(October 22, 2007) — Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT), a global provider of performance analysis and service management solutions, today announced that it signed a formal partnership agreement with Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) to provide Triple Play testing solutions that enhance operations of Alcatel-Lucent's global IP Transformation Center (IPTC). The IPTC is the industry's only state-of-the-art operation dedicated to the advancement of triple play, IPTV, IMS and FMC deployment.

9/25/2007 - Spirent® Communications TestCenter™ Validates Feasibility of New Carrier Ethernet Technologies
As service providers aggressively deploy Ethernet networks to support IPTV and business class Ethernet services, they continue to drive the industry to harden Ethernet for metro and wide area networks.

9/25/2007 - Spirent® Communications Announces Modular Solution For Wireless Receiver Test
Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT) today announced a major new version of its SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator, used to test wireless receivers. Successful deployment of Mobile WiMAX and other next-generation wireless networks depends on advanced techniques such as Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) and beamforming.

9/11/2007 - Spirent® Communications and Rohde & Schwarz Collaborate on Mediaflo™ Testing Solutions
Spirent Communications (LSE: SPT) a global provider of performance analysis and service management solutions, and Rohde & Schwarz, a leading supplier in the field of test and measurement, today announce a cooperative agreement designed to help MediaFLO device manufacturers accelerate their development and testing cycles.

9/10/2007 - Spirent® TestCenter™ Delivers High Performance Applications Testing under Extreme Traffic Environment
In response to market demand for network equipment that delivers secure high bandwidth triple play services, Spirent Communications plc (LSE:SPT), a global provider of performance analysis and service management solutions, today announced the availability of its High Performance CPU Module on Spirent TestCenter.

8/15/2007 - Spirent® Communications Announces Partnership with EdenTree Technologies® for Lab Automation
Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT), a global provider of performance analysis and service management solutions, and EdenTree Technologies, an innovator of software solutions for lab management and test automation, today announced they have entered into a technology partnership and global reseller agreement whereby Spirent will resell EdenTree's lab automation solutions.

6/20/2007 - Spirent® Communications Supports Alcatel-Lucent’s Triple Play Testing
Spirent Communications announced today it will collaborate with Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) to enable solution validation within Alcatel-Lucent's powerful IP Transformation Center (IPTC), located in Antwerp, Belgium.

6/20/2007 - Spirent® Communications Selected as Exclusive Test System Provider for Testing of Cisco IPTV Infrastructure
Spirent Communications today announced that the European Advanced Networking Test Center AG (EANTC) selected Spirent testing solutions to analyze Cisco Systems' IPTV infrastructure in a test commissioned by Light Reading.

6/4/2007 - Spirent® Communications Expands Its Drive Test and QoE Benchmarking System
Spirent Communications today announced expanded capabilities for its award-winning Diversity benchmarking and drive test solution. Diversity now tests CDMA2000, EV-DO Rel. 0 and Rev. A networks as well as GSM/UMTS wireless networks in the 850/1900 MHz bands. Network operators using these wireless technologies and bands can now continuously test quality of service and benchmark network performance against competitors’ products and services.

3/20/2007 - Spirent® Communications Enables Streamlined Testing of IMS Services
Spirent Communications today announced the availability of test cases and methodologies to streamline the verification of new revenue-generating IMS services.

2/6/2007 - Spirent® Communications Announces the Industry’s Most Powerful Security Test Solution
Spirent Communications today announced the release of ThreatEx 2.50 which offers the most powerful security testing functionality available today.

1/18/2007 - TELUS Selects Spirent® Communications for Triple Play Service Assurance
Spirent Communications today announced that it has signed a major contract with TELUS, a leading provider of data, IP and wireless solutions in Canada, to provide triple play service assurance solutions.

3/20/2006 - Spirent® Communications Enables Service Providers to Accelerate Implementation of IPTV Networks
Spirent Communications today announced that it has integrated V-Factor™ into the Spirent IPTV Quality of Experience (QoE) Tes System.

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