Keep Your IP Networks Safe With the Best Products That Spirent Has To Offer

Virtual server testing, video quality testing and 100 Gigabit testing appliances from Spirent are world-class IP network performance test solutions for network impairments and wireless testing. We strive to design our products to include rich features and robust capabilities that can be easily implemented. We work closely with various standards bodies to ensure our systems go above and beyond industry test specifications.

Spirent Attero-100G, Attero-Virtual, Attero, Attero-X and Attero-Lite allow you to emulate a network or a network element in an accurate and repeatable way.

For Layer 4-7, VPN and SIP testing, Avalanche is the most comprehensive and highest performance test solution available on the market today.

Avalanche NEXT provides multi-10 Gbps testing with authentic payloads based on actual application transactions and usage for realistic security, load and functional testing.

As the world's highest performing L4-7 testing solution, CyberFlood emulates realistic application traffic while validating your security coverage from enterprise to carrier-grade network capacity.

iTest is an integrated test authoring and execution solution built for testers, developers, and automation teams.

For UMTS, GPRS, LTE Gateway and CDMA testing, Landslide is the only test platform that simulates real world traffic models to evaluate wireless core packet data networks.

Telcos, MSOs and Mobile Carriers have harnessed the bandwidth of Ethernet to replace legacy TDM networks. With 1GbE, 10GbE and hints of 40GbE in the live network it's an easy argument-more bandwidth.

For virtual server testing, video performance testing and 100 Gigabit testing, Spirent TestCenter™ is the preferred choice for network equipment manufacturers, service providers and enterprises leading the development of next generation integrated network technologies.

For wireless testing and wireless channel emulation, the SR5500 from Spirent is the most complete and efficient solution for accurately testing wireless receivers including E-UTRA (LTE), HSPA, HSPA+, EV-DO, WLAN and WiMAX.

The Spirent Vertex Channel Emulator is a versatile platform that offers unprecedented scalability while supporting emulation of a large number of channel models.

For cable simulation and DSL testing, Spirent provides the most widely used and extensive range of Wireline Simulation and impairment generation solutions in the industry.

Spirent offers world-class IP performance test equipment for U.S. Government customers and prime contractors

   Spirent offers world-class IP performance test
   equipment for U.S. Government customers and
   prime contractors

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