Spirent Axon is a surprisingly simple network test platform that delivers reliable results. With Axon, you can test network performance by simulating traffic and measuring latency, jitter, packet loss and more. Results are delivered in real time, for fast network troubleshooting.

Powerful: Axon packages over 20 years of test expertise into a compact, but powerful package. Axon's library of pre-built tests covers just about any situation, including testing network protocols, QoS router configurations, application performance (http, voice, video) and more.

Easy: Axon makes testing your network infrastructure as easy as using an mp3 player. Simply choose a test from the best practice library, build a "playlist" of the traffic you want to test and hit "play". Results are delivered in seconds in an easy-to-understand report.

Practical: Axon runs on a compact and portable test appliance that fits in a single RU and can be controlled from any web-enabled device, including your tablet. So, you can quickly deploy Axon to test network performance, applications, site-to-site VPN connections, and more.

Proactive: Axon makes it easy to incorporate proactive testing into everything you do. With Axon, you can test network changes before going live by generating realistic traffic and measuring network performance. Stop fire-fighting and start spending your time on projects that add value to the business.

Affordable: Comprehensive network test tools have previously been out of reach for all but the most sophisticated test labs. Axon delivers a powerful testing solution in a surprisingly affordable package, making it accessible to network professionals everywhere.

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