As the world's highest performing L4-7 testing solution, CyberFlood emulates realistic application traffic while validating your security coverage from enterprise to carrier-grade network capacity. TestCloud, a core component of CyberFlood, has a library of tens of thousands of realistic applications and attack vectors and is regularly updated to ensure load and functional testing with unparalleled scalability, thus providing you with elevated security assurance.

Built with teams in mind, whether at enterprises, service providers or network equipment manufacturers, our comprehensive security solutions platform improves testing today, while evolving for the future, so your organization stays ahead of the security curve.

Find software defects with fuzzing
To stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape, you need to think like a hacker and use tools superior to what they use to find issues within your solutions and services before they do. Our SmartMutation™ combines the two most common fuzzing techniques, generation-based and mutation-based, into an intelligent fuzzing strategy. This abundantly-scalable solution gives you the greatest depth and breadth in your fuzzing.
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Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)
Validating your DDoS mitigation strategy is more than just sending a bunch of traffic at your security infrastructure. CyberFlood combines both legitimate/normal traffic with DDoS attack traffic to confirm that your DDoS solution mitigates appropriately without inadvertently impacting legitimate users. Statistics are provided real-time to interactively measure both user experience and security mitigation.
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How strong is your malware testing?
As technology evolves, so does malware. Unfortunately, this means that broad technology trends often set the stage for powerful new forms of malware. For example, increasing infrastructure connectivity-including smart meters, intelligent sensors and remotely controlled highway signs-is creating increased risk for disruption of core services.
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Spirent TestCloud™
Continually updated, Spirent's TestCloud database contains thousands of current applications and attacks as well as other subscribed content to ensure your testing library is up-to-date with the latest and relevant content.
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Bring your own device (BYOD)
Employees using their own smartphones and tablets create a big challenge when it comes to ensuring the security of your network and access to data. With CyberFlood BYOD testing, you can analyze your network's security response by emulating connections and activity on hundreds or even thousands of non-corporate devices in a matter of minutes.
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Scalable and Comprehensive Cyber Range Testing
CyberSiege assures security robustness for commercial and government operators, service providers, and enterprises leveraging the most comprehensive online library of updated security attacks, malware, fuzzing algorithms, Internet Apps, mobile Apps, and enterprise protocols. Both CyberSiege and TestCloud can be configured for automatic or manual updates for secure lab environments.
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