Solutions for Test Engineers - Simplifying feature testing requirements
As a test engineer, you must be able to perform a wide array of tests-from feature testing to system testing-while under intense deadline pressure. But verifying the features, performance, and stability of new product releases can be complicated and time-consuming. Up to 80 percent of testing is done manually, including:
  • Creating test plans
  • Configuring and setting up devices or testbeds
  • Executing steps
  • Analyzing responses
  • Creating reports (passed or defect)
iTest enables test engineers to automate core testing activities-and improve communication with developers and automation engineers. With iTest you gain a single solution for functional, performance, load, and stress testing of systems and equipment. Plus, the functionality you need to develop, document, execute, and automate sophisticated tests in a minimum amount of time.

Solutions for Automation Engineers - Building an automated regression solution
As an automation engineer, you are charged with creating automated test scripts using such languages as Tcl, Perl, or Python. Often you must automate the most challenging test cases and support the automation needs of other testers in your organization. Your day-to-day challenges include:
  • Manually building and maintaining the shared test libraries, tools, and regression infrastructure
  • Creating tests that can run in a "lights out" regression system
  • Building robust, easily maintainable test cases
  • Employing abstraction techniques to guard against minor device and software changes
  • Providing assets, such as procedures and routines, for other testers to leverage
iTest is a commercially supported tool that enables regression testers to increase their contribution to automation. It enables you to run tests at night, as well as perform automatic reporting, parsing, and abstractions. iTest also provides easy script maintenance from release to release. iTest enables you to reduce the backlog of test cases to be automated, so you can focus on the more challenging aspects of test automation.

Solutions for Developers - Automating unit testing
As a developer of high-tech equipment, you know that fixing a problem early in the development cycle is far more cost-effective than having to address it in the field. Therefore you routinely encourage unit or feature testing before passing your code to the QA team. Yet, each testing cycle seems longer than the last because you must:
  • Manually perform feature validation unit tests
  • Manually conduct automation interoperability testing between features and/or devices
  • Assemble a test suite to run for each bug fix or code check-in
  • Use a manual build regression system to verify quality before going to QA
iTest helps developers deliver quality code to QA teams by enabling them to quickly create repeatable unit tests. And it allows both teams to easily share tests and test results to re-create and diagnose test failures. This results in earlier and faster defect resolution-and better quality code.

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