Spirent iTest is an integrated, vendor-agnostic test authoring and execution solution designed to easily address a wide array of testing methodologies that involve complex test environments. The automated tests are quickly authored by manual testers or automation specialists alike to improve the productivity of the entire test organization.

Features & Benefits

Sessions: iTest Sessions provide a simple way to interact with almost any device, software API, physical or virtual environment. From command line, to Web interfaces, creating a sophisticated test script can be as simple as opening the session and interacting with the XuT just like during manual testing.

Topology Management: iTest's graphical topology designer allows the user to draw the test bed in a Visio®-like diagram, then reference the devices in the topology when writing the test. The diagram represents the reference topology that the test uses, and the actual devices are assigned at the time of execution to create a totally portable test.

Integration: iTest integrates with almost any system including most continuous integration solutions and agile development processes. iTest has proven integration with a variety of application lifecycle management systems.

Features: iTest creates simple tests quickly and sophisticated tests easily. Each test includes pass/fail criteria so that determining if the test succeeded is as simple as checking the results status. iTest even notifies the tester once the script is done.

Tool Support: iTest integrates with almost any test tool. iTest has a wide range of integrated test tools from Spirent and third-party vendors. iTest is the only test automation solution that supports the network test industry's most prolific standards body, NTAF.

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