Leading carriers expect to virtualize up to 80% of their networks, but this transition will take time. As a result, most networks will consist of a hybrid mix of physical and virtual elements for years. Lumos automates assurance workflows such as service activation & troubleshooting and performance monitoring for virtual, physical and hybrid networks. Powered by active testing of Ethernet, TCP and IP layers and integration with back-office systems such as inventory management and trouble-ticketing, Lumos' workflow automation delivers substantially reduced SLA penalties, improved service experience and increased operational efficiency.

Service Assurance in OnDemand SDN & NFV Networks
Explore some of the near term challenges to delivering on-demand services in hybrid networks. In particular, we'll dig into the service assurance aspects of these challenges and present Spirent's recommendations and best practices based on our work with pioneers on the cutting edge of SDN & NFV deployment.
Service Activation and Troubleshooting

We'll help you activate service quickly and accurately by verifying key network provisioning parameters such as throughput, loss, latency, and jitter. With the Lumos test and diagnostic feature, you can easily monitor Ethernet, IP and TCP traffic to resolve issues efficiently.

Automation and Integration

As networks are virtualized and services become more complex, assurance activities such service activation, troubleshooting and SLA monitoring need to be highly responsive and cost effective. Lumos achieves these goals by automating service assurance workflows and integrating with operational systems.
Automation and Integration

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