The rise of Virtualization and Cloud Computing is driving the need for best-of-breed Data Centers. Spirent's test solutions enable you to architect the modern software-defined data centers that are ready to use and deliver next-generation apps and services, from anywhere.
Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Whether you are data center operator, cloud or service provider, you are always looking to leverage cloud-enabled network services and innovations like SDN and NFV. However, how can you predict NFV deployments to give expected performance and SDN environments to scale to meet future needs? Spirent's Virtual solutions can help you validate NFV infrastructure, VNFs and Network Services by creating elastic test topologies to run on both control plane and data plane to stress simulated, virtualized network functions.

Moving from NFV PoC to Development
Virtualization is meant to revolutionize the agility, performance, and cost of practically every function in the end-to-end network. Explore Spirent's NFV solutions today.
Spirent TestCenter Virtual

A software module that extends and complements the capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to benchmark and optimize performance of virtual switches and cloud platforms.

Moving SDN Forward: Deploy with Confidence
Explore how Spirent can help provide the configurations and tests that must be performed in order to guarantee a trouble-free SDN deployment.

Network Overlays

Network Overlays address the rigid approach to provisioning transport services and offers many benefits including optimized device functions, simplified management, and forwarding-topology flexibility. Whether you are looking to implement network-based or host-based overlay technologies, Spirent solutions can test and validate the switching fabric at scale so you can confidently deploy network overlays of your choice in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments in the modern data center.

SDN Test Methodologies
SDN methodologies is a must have journal providing test engineers with a battery of test cases universal in SDN ecosystem using Spirent's test offerings.

Host-based network technologies like VXLAN are used to create private networks of virtual machines across existing Layer 2 and 3.

EVPN enables you to connect a group of dispersed customer sites using Layer 2 virtual bridge in various scenarios of unicast, multicast, single and multihoming.

OpenFlow Networks

Spirent OpenFlow solutions are the industry's leading offerings that will enable you to validate and deploy SDN opportunistically in a multitude of real-world scenarios of Functional and Performance testing. Spirent offerings help you speed up your SDN/OpenFlow deployments, reduce TCO of testing resources, and optimize infrastructure utilization across both physical and logical boundaries.

OpenFlow Controller Emulation
Gives you the ability to stress-test OpenFlow network switches, providing insight into the throughput and capacity under load with Spirent's support of TLS 1.2 secure OpenFlow Channel.
OpenFlow Switch Emulation
Overcome many testing challenges for OpenFlow Controller testing at scale and the need to assemble switches or activate and interconnect many virtual switches.

OpenFlow Performance Testing
Learn why it is important to test whole systems or components for OpenFlow performance and what test methodologies and core concepts are used.

Software-Defined Networking

Today's networks are a collection of proprietary, purpose-built switches and routers that are expensive and at various stages of depreciation cycle. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) helps Cloud and Service Providers address lack of programmability and vendor lock-in by introducing intuitive 3-tier architecture. With Spirent, you can benchmark SDN controllers, switches, and routers for programmability, scale and traffic steering capabilities.

Testing SDN Networks: Ensuring Performance and Reliability Software-defined networking (SDN) is being adopted in a big way in order to accelerate the deployment of network services, while saving money and increasing reliability.

NFV Validation Across Boundaries
NFV offers many advantages over dedicated network devices, it's crucial for NFV infrastructure to be validated and integrated as a system.

Ultimate Scale Testing of your Cloud Data Center
Looking to measure the capacity of your pumped-up cloud data center that has 100,000 or a million VMs? Then look no further, Spirent's HyperScale is your answer.

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