OpenFlow Performance Testing White Paper

The process of testing a switch to verify it meets Open Networking Foundation (ONF) OpenFlow specifications is well understood and standardized. Take a switch to a properly equipped lab, which runs a standard set of conformance tests, and—assuming the switch passes—the ONF provides a metaphorical seal of approval for OpenFlow conformance.

OpenFlow performance testing, however, is still in its infancy. While a few open-source tools exist for testing OpenFlow performance, and these features are starting to appear in commercial testing products, there’s no standard for comparing the performance of OpenFlow products. Yet the networking vendors building SDN products and the companies deploying them have a real “need to know” not only that OpenFlow is meeting specs, but also that it is performing as expected and desired.

Download the white paper to learn about the importance of OpenFlow performance testing and the test methodologies companies can use to do their own performance testing for OpenFlow.

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