The Spirent Vertex Channel Emulator is a versatile platform that offers unprecedented scalability while supporting emulation of a large number of channel models. The simple plug-and-play design is built to support a broad range of applications that require varying channel densities, from basic applications like two-channel SISO to complex, high channel density applications like MIMO OTA and carrier aggregation, and supports configurations to evaluate future technologies such as 5G.

Spirent Vertex addresses testing of critical and highly complex RF communication channels and scenarios specific to defense and aerospace applications:
  • Mesh networks
  • mmWave communication via Vertex HFC
  • 30MHz to 5925MHz band operation
  • Low frequency for long distance
  • Military wideband frequency hopping
  • Dynamic emulation

Features & Benefits

Scalability: The Vertex Wireless Channel Emulator is scalable to a broad range of applications. The hardware is capable of supporting as few as two bidirectional RF channels for basic RF testing and as many as 32 unidirectional RF channels to support high channel density applications in one instrument.

Modularity: Separate RF modules are optimized for unidirectional or bi-directional applications and support a variety of different frequency bands; which allows Vertex to be configured for specific test needs using minimal hardware.

High channel density in a compact space: Vertex supports up to 36 RF ports and 64 digital links in one 6U rack height. It enables more efficient use of hardware for tests that require higher RF channel counts, such as sophisticated MIMO applications and next-generation 5G services.

Remote programming interface (RPI): Remote programing is supported through TCP/IP. The RPI commands provide seamless backward compatibly to Spirent’s VR5 HD channel emulator.

Comprehensive channel modelling support: The built-in Vertex propagation library offers a vast selection of standard channel models and makes it easy to edit and save changes to create user-defined models, both classical and geometrical.

Support for IoT: Vertex supports standards-based WINNER/WINNER-II channel models to facilitate performance and co-existence testing in a variety of network environments with IoT deployments.

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