The VR5 HD Spatial Channel Emulator brings unprecedented ease of use to testing MIMO/beamforming devices and base-stations. 8x4 MIMO, TD-LTE, WiFi 802.11n/ac, LTE-Advanced, and bi-directional or handover testing are just a few of the challenges that are easily handled with this bench-top unit.

The VR5 interface simplifies the management of complex MIMO scenarios, streamlining configuration and preventing errors from creeping in. Now even the newest user can quickly set up and run the complex RF environments needed to test mobiles and base-stations used in LTE, LTE-Advanced and beyond.

Adding the XD5 (Spirent's multilink duplexer) to the VR5 simplifies the setup for extremely complicated test scenarios. In addition, it allows the VR5 to cater to highly specific and customized test requirements that demand top notch RF performance.

What to Test

  • MIMO and beamforming receivers
  • Mobile Devices
  • Base stations

Spirent Solutions

  • Spirent's MIMO-OTA Environment Builder lets you manage intricate MIMO-OTA testing via simplified graphical controls; some of the world's leading authorities in MIMO-OTA testing have already done the hard work for you
  • Spirent's VDT – Conversion Tool software converts raw data from a cellular scanner for use with the VR5. Proprietary Spirent technology then creates an RF channel that is actually more realistic than the raw scanned data


Spirent's VR5 is the industry's most advanced solution for emulating the complex RF channels used in advanced and forward-looking wireless technologies. Combined with the Spirent XD5 multilink duplexer, it can satisfy highly specific and customized test requirements.
  • Simplify your testing - The VR5 keeps receiver testing simple, preventing setup errors… no matter how many antennas are involved in the forward-looking technologies you're working on
  • The real-world in your lab - From captured drive-test scenarios to the most complex MIMO scenarios, the VR5 brings real-world RF scenarios to your test lab
  • Maximum effectiveness from your resources - Even the most complicated test cases can be set up and run, quickly and correctly, by your least experienced team member. Adding the XD5 as a simple upgrade utilizes the digital channels already purchased with a VR5 more efficiently, either in the Uplink or the Downlink
  • Better control in test configurations - Using the XD5 in conjunction with the VR5 achieves a higher degree of control over duplexing capabilities such as reverse isolation and phase shift, which are managed more easily from outside the channel emulator


  • Up to 8x4 MIMO emulation in a single 6U bench-top unit
  • When used with the XD5 multi-link duplexer, extend the frequency range from 400 MHz to 3 GHz
  • Completely new touchscreen GUI designed to simplify control over a complex MIMO/beamforming environment
  • Ready for MIMO Over-the-Air (MIMO-OTA) testing
  • Supports key Spirent software features: `
    • Dynamic Environment Emulation (DEE)
    • Virtual Drive Test scanner-data conversion
  • Expandable bandwidth (up to 100 MHz)
  • Enhanced power output and dynamic range
  • LTE (LTE-A, FDD, TD-LTE), WiFi (802.11n/ac models)
  • Combined with the XD5, obtain downlink isolation > 125dB and uplink isolation of up to 205dB
  • Combined with the XD5, obtain downlink isolation > 125dB and uplink isolation up to 205dB

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