Cybersecurity Framework

NISTs Cybersecurity Framework impacts all public and private organizations that manage critical infrastructures in the US

The National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NISTs) Cybersecurity Framework impacts all public and private organizations that manage critical infrastructures in the United States. DHS classifies critical infrastructure as companies in banking & finance, communications, critical manufacturing, defense industrial base, energy, emergency services, food & agriculture, healthcare, IT, utilities, and transportation.

In order to reduce and mitigate the risks associated with their critical infrastructures, organizations need to assess their supply chain. Supply chains start with Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEM) who develop and deliver the network and security devices that manage critical infrastructures. Service providers and enterprises need to feel confident that they understand the risks associated with deploying critical infrastructure components that are interconnected and protected by network switches, routers, load balancers, firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems and other security tools. The resiliency, stability and vulnerability of critical infrastructure components needs to be assess and tested.

What to Test

Any organization entrusted with managing critical infrastructures should be mitigating risks by testing their critical infrastructure components:
  • Ability to detect, isolate and prevent—thousands of known and unknown security attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Ability to operate under attacks, anomalies, variable loads and throughput conditions—keeping performance high while stopping attacks is critical
  • Ability to test with realistic traffic that simulates real world applications and security attacks—with more than 3,000 applications including mobile apps you can simulate most realistic user scenarios
Spirent Solutions

Spirent's testing solutions validate that network security systems perform as intended and deliver the protection you expect, using the most intuitive and user friendly interface and test methodologies
  • Avalanche is the leading application and security test tool providing thousands of applications and complete multi 10Gbps security exploits, fuzzing attacks and performance testing, enabling users to test network security systems at line rate speeds to simulate daily business traffic and understand the impact of network faults and attacks on their critical infrastructure
  • Spirent Studio Security is the most intuitive security test solution for validating security capabilities via fuzz testing, DDOS replication, vulnerability assessment and security capability verification
  • Professional Services - Enterprise OnDEMAND On-Site Performance Testing detects and mitigates problems before you launch a new network security solution
  • Support Services ensure that system technology is always current and operating at maximum performance

  A majority of government agencies turn to Spirent
  to verify firewalls and cybersecurity devices
  perform to their capacity

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