PASS Test Methodologies

Provides test engineers with a battery of test cases for the Spirent Test Ecosystem.

This test case determines whether a 4G MME (DUT) correctly handles Short Message Service (SMS) CS Fallback scenarios as defined in TS 23.272.

This test determines whether the DUT (LNS) can successfully connect PPPoEv6oL2TP sessions and run data plane traffic.

This test case determines the time it takes the DUT to start/stop forwarding multicast frames once it receives a successful IGMP group membership report/leave group message.

This test determines the throughput of network-layer data traversing the firewall (DUT), as defined in RFC 1242.

In terms of a converged LAN and SAN environment, this test determines the buffering and packet discard behavior of the DUT when receiving PFC frames.

This test determines whether the DUT works error free against itself.

Validating address mapping is a key technology element of 6RD. This test case determines the peak capacity of residential gateway (RG) mappings per service provider prefix.

The purpose of this test case is to determine whether the device under test (DUT) will correctly drop or delay lower priority traffic in favor of higher priority traffic.

This test determines whether the Metro Ethernet Network (MEN) established on the DUT incorrectly reflects traffic back to the originating UNI.

This test case simulates a catastrophic BGP failure and measures the ability of the DUT to coordinate a response at the routing, tunneling and SLA service levels for loaded traffic.

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