Professional Services - Enterprise OnDEMAND Performance Testing

Performance problems in data centers, operational network systems and software applications are costly in terms of business disruption and remedial work. These issues too often go undetected before launch due to the challenges of conducting realistic performance testing. Quantifiable consequences of undetected performance problems include: revenue loss, customer base erosion, and brand damage. All of these issues call into question any business's long-term viability.

Spirent OnDEMAND is a suite of performance test services designed to detect and mitigate these problems before you launch any new infrastructure or IT solution. Through the use of proven, advanced techniques, a structured testing approach, and full benefit of Spirent's broad array of test equipment, including Spirent TestCenter and Avalanche, we eliminate risks of poor performance for new or enhanced products, services and applications.

Spirent has developed and organized the OnDEMAND on-site Enterprise package test services into two categories:
  • Data Center Testing Solutions
  • IT Initiative Testing Solutions
Key Benefits

With Enterprise OnDEMAND Testing, you:
  • Choose the exact network configuration you need
  • Target and address crippling service issues before implementation
  • Avoid delays, cost overruns, slow performance and future failures
  • Implement new technologies with confidence
Key Features

  • Data Center Networking; Collaboration & Applications; Network Defense - Security; Virtualization; Cloud Computing; Green Performance
  • Featured in the Enterprise OnDEMAND brochure
  • VoIP Assessment; IPTV Performance; WAN Optimization Assessment; E-Commerce Web Performance; VPN Capacity; DMZ Architecture; CCTV over IP
  • Featured in the Enterprise OnDEMAND brochure
  • Test equipment rental
  • Scalability and volume testing
  • Endurance and soak testing
  • Product performance evaluation
  • Performance tuning
  • Vendor selection: load and stress testing

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