Eliminate Valuable Down-time and Maximize Your Investment

Spirent test products and NoCode automation solutions' proven capabilities in reducing time-to-test and increased productivity can only be leveraged with a team who knows how to use the product or solution quickly and effectively.

With over 100 professionals trained to deliver this service, Spirent offers comprehensive hands-on support that ensures your Spirent testing solution will be performing effectively in the test lab shortly after it is delivered to your company.

The service includes:
  • Verification of delivered equipment
  • Hardware configuration and cabling requirements
  • Network configuration and connectivity verification
  • Customer Service orientation
  • Workstation installation and firmware verification
  • Configuration of Spirent equipment based on the customer's test environment
  • Test application overview
  • Test trial setup and running tests
  • Viewing and interpreting results
Key Benefits
  • Product experts ensure your solution is properly configured and installed
  • Hassle-free process reduces your effort and saves your time and resources
  • Targeted knowledge transfer assures your lab staff is successful and can perform critical testing tasks without delay
Key Features
  • Site readiness survey
  • Installation, Configuration
  • Hands-on training
  • Test case development; Review of test cases and test generation*
  • Using advanced features*
  • Viewing and interpreting results*
  • Planning, design, and implementation of a set of baseline test cases*
* With 3-day Implementation Service, as well as longer engagements

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