Enterprise & Data Center Networks

Enterprise & Data Center Networks

Test data center networks with Spirent TestCenter. With the push for a high speed, secure, virtualized and converged network, will your solution:
  • Support multiple 1GbE and 10GbE ports with the required performance?
  • Deliver high speed, low latency and lossless Ethernet in the data center to transport Fibre Channel over Ethernet?
The enterprise is in the midst of transformation as higher interface speeds ripple through workgroup and data center networks. Richer content is driving higher network bandwidth and more stringent traffic classification for proper QoS. This transformation is resulting in upgrades and expansion in the enterprise workgroup, campus/backbone and data centers around the world.

Enterprise Workgroup and Campus Connectivity

Spirent TestCenter easy-to-use, high-performance benchmarking accelerates testing of enterprise workgroup and campus/backbone solutions. Dozens of test wizards simplify test configuration and execution, while allowing advanced users to the control they need.

Data Center Switching Test Solutions

Growth of rack and blade servers with 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) connectivity is rapidly evolving data centers and backbone enterprise networks around the world. The ten-times speed increase of 10GbE at the server, and the introduction of Fibre Channel over Ethernet technology (FCoE), make it possible to eliminate up to half of the interfaces connected to each server and cut costs by reducing space, power and cabling. This convergence of technologies requires changes to Ethernet to accommodate the nearly lossless and extremely low latency of storage solutions. Spirent TestCenter's patented latency measurement architecture and comprehensive Intelligent Results provides the coverage you need for the latest network advancements.

Key Benefits
  • Improve productivity through simplified testing with wizards and NoCode™ automation
  • Save time by measuring Throughput, Latency and Jitter at the same time in automated RFC benchmark tests
  • Increase product quality through increased test realism by easily scaling the number of ports, subscribers, sessions, routes, tunnels, VLANs and stateful multiplay traffic on demand
  • Accurately evaluate the latest FCoE, DCE and CEE capabilities with realistic emulation and specification-compliant timing
  • Reduce Capex with one system for the test lifecycle with the architecture for 40GbE and 100GbE
  • Reduce Opex by driving 4.8 Terabits of traffic per rack while consuming 25% less power
Key Features
  • Line rate Layer 2-7 traffic generation for realistic testing of converged enterprise and data center networks
  • RFC 2544 Network Interconnect, RFC 2889 Switch and RFC 3918 Multicast automated benchmark test wizards
  • Increase test realism by scaling the number of ports, end users, sessions, routes, tunnels, VLANs and stateful multi-play traffic on demand
  • Stateful FCoE and Fibre Channel Initialization Protocol (FIP) emulation per the latest specifications
  • DCE and CEE PFC and Priority Groups testing of IEEE 802.1Qbb and 802.1Qaz
  • Simultaneous generation and analysis of FCoE with DCE/CEE, unicast and multicast L2-7 traffic in one GUI with correlated results
  • 10GbE line rate nano-second accurate latency and jitter per VLAN priority

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