100 Gigabit Testing and 40 Gigabit Testing

100 Gigabit testing and 40 Gigabit testing with the 40/100G Ethernet HyperMetrics module delivers several industry firsts including the lowest price per port as well as the generation of realistic multiplay traffic for the highest scale edge and core IP services testing. Leveraging Spirent's HyperMetrics multi-core processor, the 40/100G Ethernet test module validates performance, scalability and realism. Further, to support all aspects of 40/100G Ethernet development the Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics 40/100G Ethernet modules goes beyond Layer 2-7 to include Layer 1 functional testing.

Designed to test the performance and scalability of 40/100G Ethernet systems and services, the new test module is priced significantly lower than the cost of ten 10G Ethernet test ports and offers the most accurate performance with application realism testing across Layers 1-7.

Spirent TestCenter's future-proof architecture with backward compatibility and integrated Spirent NoCode automation framework makes the solution the preferred return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) choice for high-speed Ethernet testing.

Key Features

Designed to test the Layer 1-7 performance and scalability of 40/100G Ethernet systems and services, the Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet test module offers test engineers:
  • Layer 1 lane skew and PRBS testing
  • Line rate Layer 2, Ethernet and MPLS forwarding performance benchmarking
  • Highest-scale routing and MPLS VPN network emulation
  • Line-rate Layer 3 IP traffic generation and analysis
  • High-performance stateful HTTP, FTP and VoIP traffic generation and analysis
  • Streaming of real video, such as MPEG-2 and H.264, with video QoE measurements with Spirent Topology emulation over MPLS and IP Routing

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